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Þaþro Þridjo Þiuda (Both In Gothic And English)

þaþro þridjo þiuda,
þan þatainei þeihanda,
liuþ laikais liuþonda,
brukjand bloma bloþis bairhtein,
bloma balu bigitands,
balus brikands baitraba,

Bloma brikiþ barusnjanda,
Standand stairnon slawuh,

Stodeins stainis saiƕanda,
Swinþniþ slawanda standanda,
Waila wisands wairþiþ wigs,
Wesei wairþiþ waltjanda.


From there they came, third they were,
Only able to proceed,
Song of a dance they sang there,
Using a flower of blood in the light,
Evil was in this flower's sight,

Breaking evil in a bitter ...

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