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The eleventh day of the lunar fortnight
natural combos of waxing and waning moon,
for devotees, this day is a big boon,
fasting with fortunate fruits up to the twilight

Oh my Darling deva damodara..!
oh..! ! harihara..! !
Every day we laugh together
With unlimited ultimate bliss,

oh hare Krishna hare ram
how fortunate I am
to feel every day so cool and calm
under the light of your pretty palm

Oh! my Shri Guru Prabhupad
Every day I feel so glad, in this divine abode
by dancing on the broad spiritual road,
from your Vedic literature, I read

My dear Govinda,
thanks for enlightening me,
whatever happened in my life

A fully energetic, ecstatic day is started
for this time,
engaging every heart beat
for the pleasure of lord,

oh! vande guru charanaaravinda Prabhupada
em-powered by bhakti Siddhanta
I feel very inspired by you,
what energy do you have and spiritually lead...?

whenever this soul commits mistakes,
am I taking advantage of lenience..?
as you forgive me every time..!
Krishna, you know about me,

when I wanna say,
about the tonnes of thoughts,
that tangled up in my head,

My dear Govinda,
I'm sorry
I'm fallen into many conditions
life afterlife life after life,

Oh Krishna...!
when my heart is drowned
in the ocean of sorrow,
you made me come to you

when the soul scuffling
and feeling to be loved,
when the thoughts are fallen too low,
and forgotten to allow the songs of Vrindavan mellow.

How fortunate my soul is
It is resonating with excess ecstasy
Floating Feelings flowing Heart out as words,
Seeing the Smiling sun, having some Xtra fun

In this spiritual journey of a year,
I'm traveling towards perfection,
with loving Krishnas affection
by following regulative principled actions

aww, what a cool dusky night
of complete calm,
souls traveling towards
the holy bhadrachalam Dham,

Bh. Rohith Kumar Bejjala Biography

I'm a conditionally fallen soul on this beautiful planet of Earth, materially educated in Mechanical engineering, My Body is 21 years old. here in this poem I'll share my spiritual awakenings and some realizations about the truths of life. Poems about my Best Friend, Lord Krishna, pleasure coated words from deeper treasures of my heart where Krishna dances on it a lot..! ! my heartful thanks to my Shiksha Guru, His Grace Shadhbuj Gauranga Prabhu for his unlimited conduction and convective dedication in the process of radiation of spiritual knowledge to the youth of India and stood strong in propagating the mission of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, I'm Thankful to my spiritual Mentor Shri. Saket Prabhuji for providing me with all the faculties in the Temple, My friend Dharma Prabhuji for introducing me to Krishna Consciousness, and all the devotees who helped me to receive my inner callings through the transformative process of Bhakti yoga. My respectful obeisances to my parents for their support in my devotion. I'm eternally in spiritual debt to his Grace Nanda Gopal Prabhu, who has constructed the Hare Krishna Temple near My home, without that I would not have gotten the chance to practice bhakti Yoga. vancha-kalpatarubhyash cha kripa-sindhubhya eva cha patitanam pavanebhyo vaishnavebhyo namo namaha Note; please forgive me, if the script has any discrepancies in my understanding, im a budding one)

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Ekadasi Vrata

The eleventh day of the lunar fortnight
natural combos of waxing and waning moon,
for devotees, this day is a big boon,
fasting with fortunate fruits up to the twilight
as the juices gonna enter into Krishna-bhaktas mouths
and gonna give energy for lots of mercy grasping hearts,
chant more to please lord Krishna's lotus lips
tempt him to play the melodies from his mirthy flute
just sit aside in the abode of the lord,
by feeling the transcendental delight a lot,
gazing at the perky petals of his eyes
which are wynking each other like the valves of butterflies.
put all the thoughts aside,
switch on to the meditative mode
by placing fickling mundane thoughts on to the ignorance board,
only 'you' and Krishna are there,
along with the Radharani dressed in lovely attire,
tell her your stories of love and laughter,
because you are her spiritually inclined son or daughter.
check your spiritual progress,
why feeling stressed..?
when you can address your paltry problems
with Krishna consciousness
every day things gonna be not same
feed the soul with the healthy holy name,
enjoy this god-gifted amazing life game...! !

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