Bh. Rohith Kumar Bejjala Poems

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Ekadasi Vrata

The eleventh day of the lunar fortnight
natural combos of waxing and waning moon,
for devotees, this day is a big boon,
fasting with fortunate fruits up to the twilight

Fallen Times....!

Oh my Darling deva damodara..!
oh..! ! harihara..! !
Every day we laugh together
With unlimited ultimate bliss,

Grasping Lords Mercy

oh hare Krishna hare ram
how fortunate I am
to feel every day so cool and calm
under the light of your pretty palm

To My Spiritual Master

Oh! my Shri Guru Prabhupad
Every day I feel so glad, in this divine abode
by dancing on the broad spiritual road,
from your Vedic literature, I read

Sending Mercy Through Devotees....!

My dear Govinda,
thanks for enlightening me,
whatever happened in my life

Spiritual Yatra

A fully energetic, ecstatic day is started
for this time,
engaging every heart beat
for the pleasure of lord,

An Inspiring Soul - Haribol

oh! vande guru charanaaravinda Prabhupada
em-powered by bhakti Siddhanta
I feel very inspired by you,
what energy do you have and spiritually lead...?

Forgivings....! Soul Cravings...! !

whenever this soul commits mistakes,
am I taking advantage of lenience..?
as you forgive me every time..!
Krishna, you know about me,

Power Of Prayers

when I wanna say,
about the tonnes of thoughts,
that tangled up in my head,

Krishna, I've Forgotten Our Love Story

My dear Govinda,
I'm sorry
I'm fallen into many conditions
life afterlife life after life,

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