Gabby J Poems

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Little Jewish Boy

In a room
Sitting in misery
In a place
Eyes going all misty

Love Me 'Till You Hate Me

Breaking my heart slowly
it is as fragile as ice
why do you treat me like such a lowly

Not My Fault

Because the world is cruel, i want to go away
because the world is cruel, my friends cut all day
because the world is cruel, i just might hit someone
because the world is cruel, the world has become undone

Sweet Chariot

Cotton fields remind me of past lives
Huge plantations with pillars
To even think of such things give me hives
Blanca: elegant lives with some exception

Ohhh Burn!

My heart is filled with emotions that are unusual to me
My heart is beating so fast that its getting a bit hard to breath
My heart is the most fragile part of my body
My heart is used as a weapon but only to guard me

Growing Pains For Her

Gone are the ways of that scared little girl
the little girl with pretty brown curls
she has been delt a hand of Sh** cards
she will, has so far

Times Almost Up

tick tock, the world is waiting
tick tock, time is a wasting
I need that clock
I need it to stop

Twisted Philosophy

'To be, or not to be'
Screw that!
To breath or not to breath
That is the question

No Kismet...Most Likely

To the bad asses of the world
I commend you for your bravery
Rule with an iron fist, may your judgement never curve
Be who you are


I've fallen in love with an awkward little boy
blond haired, blue eyed, but a bit coy
there is something different about this boy
he's decided early, to put up his toys

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