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Three hours of flight,
three thousand kilometers
and an immediate impulse keep us together

I shall be fierce and grim with the emotions
That squeeze my throat and do not let me speak
I stand against those cold and bloodless creatures
With hate of those who thought me to be weak


That abandoned dry well still recalls those who passed and who fell
Their tears and blood sprinkled into the well’s deep pure heart;
When you find it, do not fade away as they did,
But you should try to dwell as a mermaid in the deep and cold well

It can bring all the pain that a man suffers from;
Let thy wish be upon all my years remained!
Out of a precious stone I’ve carved my destiny -
Very much consolation for the problems I’ve had

“I need some sugar, ” she told me not understanding that sugar needs her
Those tiny particles of white pleasure lay on her tongue partially melting in the saliva
One would envy when I watched her swallow what was left
“Sugar is life, ” she said, oh my sugar lady

I wrote a poem for you and saved it on the phone

but then it was deleted by mistake,

I see you in every thing;
In an open bottle of wine,
That has spoilt the life of a man,
In a tree with its descending branches

“My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun…”
W. Shakespeare, Sonnet CXXX


When I’ll return where once I’d lived
I’ll find an empty lonely town
With birds that don’t know how to sing

Let my meaningless years begin!
I’m a swan in the flock of crows.
Don’t forgive me my fearless sin,
That I have loved you much ever so

I cannot understand what is happening here…
When I wake up the sin of humanity calls me,
And I turn on my Macintosh to take a bite out of the apple,
And the snake with the burning eyes on the horizon…

Today I’ve sent you another letter
As always waiting for your reply;
You do not write me. Have I deserved it?
You want to let me lie down and die…

A thing called poetry is not enough
To explain what a man feels towards a woman, or towards a man
This brave new world is very tough
For those who consume the goods without producing anything, or without friends

When you are not with me (if
sometimes you are) ,
I paint
you name with the petals of roses of spring

If I could stop the moment

Of you

In the debris of solitude
Longing for understanding, I mulling
Over what to do with my life
Very deep diving into oblivion…


Please, wait for me until the morning dawn;
Maybe one day I will return alive
And even if it’s certain to be tough
Please, wait for me until the song of larks,

You are among my friends despite the thirty-year solitude between us
You always help when I can’t ask of it

. . .

Roman Nikolaev Biography

Born in St. Petersburg, studying in istanbul, currently in melbourne. oh, what a life!)

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Three hours of flight,
three thousand kilometers
and an immediate impulse keep us together

Different people, (diffident)
various nature
and only one feeling keep us together

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