Romeo D. Matshaba

Romeo D. Matshaba Poems

1. Time Here, Time There 7/30/2013
2. A Poem For Lu 8/23/2013
3. Death Within A Dream 8/23/2013
4. Sleeping Rose 8/23/2013
5. Broken Brothers 10/4/2013
6. A Painting Grows On Your Wall 10/4/2013
7. The Immortal 11/8/2013
8. The Scenes Of A Ruined Heart 12/17/2013
9. My Lady's Sonnet 12/20/2014
10. Let 5/3/2016
11. When Grass Will Grow 2/25/2017
12. The Black Curse 6/27/2017
13. The End 10/26/2017
14. Darling You 7/12/2013
15. Sad Beauty 10/16/2013
16. Dry Your Tears 7/15/2013
17. The Fears I Have 6/11/2013

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The Fears I Have

I fear, I will not be enough for that world outside,
I will not measure up to that who they expect me to be, want me to be.
I fear the one I breathe… the one I see, will only see another.
I fear for these faults I have, these weaknesses… those flaws.
Who will cherish, who will want… those flaws I have?
I fear, for my weigh on a machine...
It says repellent, it says obese
I fear, for my length on scale…
It says unattractive, it says midget
I fear the night, how I prefer the light instead, the bright instead
Those owls and rats and bats; those foul creatures of ...

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Darling You

Darling you, if in dream and open eye; I dream of you,
If in seas apart and lips apart; I darling you.
If I leak my red and let you be,
My darling you…
would you be dreaming me?

Darling you, if I ringed the brightest star,
Jail the lightest ray, or live in century bay
My darling you…

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