Romeo D. Matshaba

Romeo D. Matshaba Poems

1. Time Here, Time There 7/30/2013
2. A Poem For Lu 8/23/2013
3. Death Within A Dream 8/23/2013
4. Sleeping Rose 8/23/2013
5. Broken Brothers 10/4/2013
6. A Painting Grows On Your Wall 10/4/2013
7. The Immortal 11/8/2013
8. The Scenes Of A Ruined Heart 12/17/2013
9. My Lady's Sonnet 12/20/2014
10. Let 5/3/2016
11. When Grass Will Grow 2/25/2017
12. The Black Curse 6/27/2017
13. The End 10/26/2017
14. Darling You 7/12/2013
15. Sad Beauty 10/16/2013
16. Dry Your Tears 7/15/2013
17. The Fears I Have 6/11/2013

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The Fears I Have

I fear, I will not be enough for that world outside,
I will not measure up to that who they expect me to be, want me to be.
I fear the one I breathe… the one I see, will only see another.
I fear for these faults I have, these weaknesses… those flaws.
Who will cherish, who will want… those flaws I have?
I fear, for my weigh on a machine...
It says repellent, it says obese
I fear, for my length on scale…
It says unattractive, it says midget
I fear the night, how I prefer the light instead, the bright instead
Those owls and rats and bats; those foul creatures of ...

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A Poem For Lu

Stars on a bloom – two stars on a rose. With,
a deepened heart beneath rose wreathed hair,
scribbling lines to make ‘em rhyme,
give me time to make you mine.
I joined pieces of her in the night, to expose
the idea of bliss, or the taste of kiss.
Silence of the moon, or beauty in eye?
bring rain to swathe her tears, rain to make her sigh.
And Lord, tender beauty may fade even angels may wade,

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