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Ladies And Gentlemen In Outer Space

Here is my philosophy:
Everything changes (the word "everything"
has just changed as the
word "change" has: it now


The little clock dings the night on the roof.
It hurries towerd the mystery of luck.

Chocolate Milk

Oh God! It's great!
to have someone fix you
chocolate milk


I'm in the house.
It's nice out: warm

Survivor Guilt

It's very easy to get.
Just keep living and you'll find yourself
getting more and more of it.
You can keep it or pass it on,

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Roger B. 19 September 2019

I read a book of poetry by Ron Padgett and I noticed ten minutes had passed. It was a good ten minutes.

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Emily 12 January 2019

Hello guys! Have any of you read the poem What are you on by Ron Padgett? I'm working on an assignment and I need some help regarding the interpretation. What is he talking about in that poem? Thank you in advance!

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Peter Gammie 18 January 2017

Oh for a rhyme!

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Yanina Audisio 10 September 2014

Such a fluid writing! Pagett´s poems lead you into a great swirl, while you think you´re just admiring the view. Greetings from Argentina.

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Chuck Goldman 16 January 2005

Since nobody wrote a comment about Ron Padgett i must correct this inequity! Ron Padgett is a hilarious and erudite (although i hate this word) poet, who has brought me to the point of wheezing, of holding up my hand to gesture STOP! i need to pee Ron Padgett has made me pee from laughter i love this poet, whose frenchness belies the fact that he is from Tulsa a very unfrench place. But if there is an aire apparent to Appollinaire a ladder to climb to greet old Max Jacob a strange urge to run when meeting Andre Breton it is a place held (oh so strongly) in my heart by Ron Padgett Chuck Goldman

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Ron Padgett (born June 17, 1942 Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an American poet, essayist, fiction writer, translator, and a member of the New York School. Bean Spasms, Padget's first collection of poems, was published in 1967 and written with Ted Berrigan. He won a 2009 Shelley Memorial Award.
As a 17 year-old high school student, he co-founded the avant-ga ...

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