Ron Stock

Veteran Poet - 1,325 Points (4-19-1944 / Saginaw, Michigan)

Ron Stock Poems

1. Miss Spelling’s Be 4/14/2015
2. A Song For Mama's Egg 4/16/2015
3. Daddy's Laugh Was No Ordinary Laugh 6/10/2015
4. No One Loses Love That Isn't There 8/24/2016
5. A Love Poem For Endangered Species 8/24/2016
6. For A Few Hours We Were All The Same 8/24/2016
7. Do Not Become Attached Nor Afraid 8/24/2016
8. A Super Dull Pin Survives A Passionate Fantasy 8/24/2016
9. Exploring The Dark Side Of The Garden Of Eden 8/25/2016
10. The Unforgivable Sins Of Sodom And Gomorrah 8/25/2016
11. My Dysfunctional Baggage Clearance Sale 8/25/2016
12. An Old Rosewood Cane 8/25/2016
13. Bullies Of A Feather Fly Together 8/25/2016
14. Grampa Made A Boo Boo 8/27/2016
15. Answering The Call Of A Ghost 8/27/2016
16. A Silly Little Rhyming Love Poem (For Melody) 8/27/2016
17. Charles Darwin Was Jesus Christ Incarnate 8/27/2016
18. It's Never Too Late 8/27/2016
19. Marbles And Blood On A Black Stallion 8/29/2016
20. A Sultry, Dark-Haired Young Woman 8/29/2016
21. Sailing Under The Big Dipper To Zihuatanejo 8/29/2016
22. Puffy White And Hazy Gray Clouds Float 8/29/2016
23. Beethoven's Seventh Symphony In Tingling Glass Shards 9/4/2016
24. God Certainly Has An Odd Sense Of Humor 9/5/2016
25. Dancing With The Mafia On A Monday Afternoon 9/5/2016
26. Beyond The Torn Edge Of An Evergreen Forest 9/8/2016
27. Battling For My Sanity On The Insanity Ferry 9/8/2016
28. The Odoriferous, Visionary Life Of Carol Love 9/8/2016
29. Playing Golf On Pluto 9/8/2016
30. Alice Walker's Pause And The Gentleman's Game 9/8/2016
31. Homo Sapiens Last Stand 9/14/2016
32. Dog Paddling With Chief Daddy's Indian Blood 9/14/2016
33. The Author Is Standing In Front Of You 1/20/2017
34. Seesaw, Seesaw 3/28/2015
35. Shipwrecked Vowels 4/5/2015
36. Ballad Of Big Shot Bobby 4/8/2015
37. Religion Is God's Poison 4/12/2015
38. You Don't Gotta Go To No God-Damn School To Be A Poet 4/13/2015
39. A Black And White And Right 4/9/2015

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A Black And White And Right

In an attic fort of wooden crates, pine shelves, and fishing poles covered by old curtains and navy blue blankets, dark-haired Dale, seven, and his sweetheart, Karen, six, often played doctor and nurse. Dale couldn't resist exploring the skin of Karen's body with his eyes, or running his hands and fingers up and down her tender thighs. On this warm morning they were both buck naked from head to toe, when the voice of Karen's mother yelled up from the kitchen, 'It's waay too quiet up there. I think you children should go outside and play." The kids were annoyed at being interrupted, but ...

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Seesaw, Seesaw

The origin of my confusion
Began 40,000 years ago
In a dry cave sketched
With red ocher beasts

Thirty-five centuries tick
Into concepts wedged in clay
Scrawled on bark, written
On papyrus. Words and

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