Ronald James de Langen

Ronald James de Langen Poems

1. Mirrored Reflection 11/17/2011
2. Lonely 11/17/2011
3. The Nymph 11/17/2011
4. Rainy Thoughts 11/17/2011
5. No Religion 11/17/2011
6. The First Big Snowfall 11/17/2011
7. Hum Drum Life 11/17/2011
8. Thoughts And Images 11/17/2011
9. Mossy Green Rock 11/17/2011
10. First Kiss 11/17/2011
11. My Lake 11/17/2011
12. Save Me 11/17/2011
13. Waterfall Thoughts 11/17/2011
14. She 11/17/2011
15. Maiden 11/17/2011
16. Untitled (Travels?) 11/17/2011
17. The Half-Moon On A Clear Crisp Night 11/17/2011
18. Not Meant To Be 11/17/2011
19. Remembrance 11/17/2011
20. Daymare 11/17/2011
21. Child Learning To Whistle 11/17/2011
22. A Shadows Life 11/17/2011
23. Childhood Lost, Nay Never Known! 11/17/2011
24. Blackberry Picking 11/17/2011

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Best Poem of Ronald James de Langen

Blackberry Picking

A wonderfull day is unfolding.
A child has gone blackberry picking.
Along a thorn freckled hillside,
these bursting fruits do reside.
Nary a cloud in the sky.
Only sunshine by and by.
Nature’s gladdest moment does shine,
All along that slope of mine.
A happy jaunt in his step,
For blackberry thoughts do pep.
Later on after a culling’s done,
its off to home with berries won.

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A Shadows Life

When misery is all you have known.
Childhood memories never flown,
Unlike others you may have seen, seem
to recall never to have had a dream.
Where do these dreams come?
If, only if, I had had some.
Try… No, they still do not appear
Only dusty, dirty images unclear.
When misery is all you have known,

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