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A wonderfull day is unfolding.
A child has gone blackberry picking.
Along a thorn freckled hillside,
these bursting fruits do reside.

A lost lonely boy kicks a stone along train tracks.
To where has the fun gone, the luster life lacks.
Too young of an age to be troubled as such.
A happy childhood his mind doth crutch.

When misery is all you have known.
Childhood memories never flown,
Unlike others you may have seen, seem
to recall never to have had a dream.

A chill childish morning is unfolding
A shrill whistle through lips full.
A foggy dream this must seem
To listeners of the young trill wisher.

A wispy mist doth fill my mind.
Reflections of times past; I find
hard to loose from webs, a’dust
rememberings do mistrust.

Dappled nights do drag on
a mind not ready for dawn.
Too drowsy a morn
to watch the sun be reborn.

A calm breeze blows through a swift mind.

Sunny warmth emanates from a quartet of new faces.

Its not you its me
Where I must go, you cannot flow
Those dips and depths in you, twere not a crime.
Beauty remains unnmarred for memory is beyond time.

The moon; god’s fingernail scrapes the canopy of stars.
The moon; half closed eyelid covers the dreams it spins.
The moon; dappled rays of silver dropped from on high.
The moon; cousin of distant light saught, not caught.

An enigma it seems my dreams recent’ve been.
Leant towards she, the unearthly being.
Relentlessly the river proceeds to the sea,
my thoughts compared to thee.


A babbling brook my thoughts overtook
Images and visages never before seen.
A maiden of most beautiful imagining.
A danger you see to the hearts fluttery.

A racous roar the water before,
The loneliness of it out of it pour.
Down the cascades wave after wave,
Swirling and twirling sorrow unstaved.

A tranquil lake my mind’s been of late.
Deep thoughts do make, as to our fate.
The path unknown, before is un-shown.
Time is unowned, here on a loan.

Deep water, minds eye flooded.
Thoughts herding, sanity dotted.
Last of smiles turned frowned.
Her essence poured downed

Waterfall thoughts, rapid.
Vacant emotions, vapid.
Ceaselessy pounding.
Ever surrounding.


A silvery silhouette on a morn so clear,
On a beautiful morn for this time of year.
Through the clearing did she appear.
A singsong of doves her voice on the ear.

The mirrored reflection of what I am not.
In our dreams our battles are fought.
Heavenly feelings humanly sought.
The mirrored reflection of which I have wrought.


How many steps doth it take to love make?
How many a mile walked single file?
An ocean to cross for loneliness toss.
While wild waves collide on all sides.

There is a Nymph whose beauty and soul You can’t deny!
Know thee not the wherefore’s, how’s and why?
T’In the recesses of the mind she doth reside.
When her water a torrent on all sides flow;

Rainfall’s pitter and patter
My mood does make sadder.
My happy sun has flown,
Behind the clouds unshown.

Ronald James de Langen Biography

my name means: advisor to the king...that pretty much sums me up...Some men were born to lead and move mountains...I was made to tell them which mountains to move and where to. A Scot-Dutch mix, from Montréal, formative years in BC. Scoliosis age 8. Operations at 12 and 17, full brace. Full selection of traumas with a wide range of disabilities.)

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Blackberry Picking

A wonderfull day is unfolding.
A child has gone blackberry picking.
Along a thorn freckled hillside,
these bursting fruits do reside.
Nary a cloud in the sky.
Only sunshine by and by.
Nature's gladdest moment does shine,
All along that slope of mine.
A happy jaunt in his step,
For blackberry thoughts do pep.
Later on after a culling's done,
its off to home with berries won.

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-Just try and enjoy the rest of the evening

Love true or not at all. Be true and love all.

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Ronald James de Langen Popularity

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