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My Name is Ronald Ramirez. I was Born in Cali a city southwest in Colombia South America, I have always struggle expressing my thoughts to others in person. since a very young age i adopted to write about my thoughts. knowing that it was not healthy to keep everything inside. I became interested with writing poetry. I came to live in United States ...

Ronald Ramirez Jaramillo Poems

Sonnet: Intercultural Love

How can two different worlds unite?
When neither one knows where they stand
I won't let you go without a fight
I'll swim your lakes and walk your land

A Sea Words' Flood

Pen and Paper my best friends
Thank you for holding my thoughts and fears
Thank you for holding time all these years
Love and hatred I've expressed, you've still protected me in your fence

Love Sick

How I Feel About You

Dream Reality

In my dreams I found you
But I seem to wake up without you
My reality sadness
My fantasy lovingness

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