Ronell Warren Alman Poems

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Search For The Positive

Search for the positive
As you walk along your path
Move towards the light
And make everything bright

Always Spread Good Cheer

Always spread good cheer
Be the inspiration
Use words of encouragement
Enlighten your vision

Aretha Louise Franklin (1942-2018)

Aretha Louise Franklin
Labeled "The Queen Of Soul"
She was expressive in her music
There was a story waiting to be told

Just Hang In There

Just hang in there
Overcome fear
Have a good head on your shoulders
Think positive thoughts and be sincere

Let Her Know How You Feel About Her

Let her know how you feel about her
Give her something to believe
Hold her in your arms
And give her all of your charms

Challenge Yourself

Be the one to strive
Rise above adversity
So you can survive

Keep Your Head Up

Keep your head up
You have so much to give
Remember to smile
And to accentuate the positive

It Is A Hard Road

It is a hard road
When you face the world alone
Sometimes no one reaches out to you
Nor do they want to talk to you on the phone

Girl, Let Me Be The One To Love You

Girl, everyday I dream about you
I think of you in every way
You are always on my mind
You give me sunshine loving each and every day

Brighten Your Day

Brighten your day
Strive for more success
Reach for the stars
Set the standard of excellence