Ronell Warren Alman Poems

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The Loving Couple

The loving couple
That shines through and through
Sharing and caring for one another
Hand in hand they thrive together

Always Give Them

Always give them
Nothing but tender-loving care
Be a mentor to the little children
Teach them to be aware

She Is Doing Her Happy Dance

She is doing her happy dance
Possessing nothing but pure class
Lifting her feet with determination
Using her will to rise above the situation

It Is Quite Sad (Part 2)

It is quite sad
When a person throws their life away
Drowning deeply in sorrow
With no hope for tomorrow

There Is Nothing But Darkness

There is nothing but darkness
When a person is uncertain
Living in poverty
Is a sad situation for all to see

Believe That You Can

Believe that you can
Always be willing to try
Give it your very best
Be the one who strives

Life Goes Through Many Changes

Life goes through many changes
Such a whimsical feeling
One minute you are here
And the very next moment you are fleeting

Two Hearts Beating As One

Two hearts beating as one
Laying together underneath the sun
Showing nothing but a pure heavenly bliss
Always having so much fun

Let The Sparks Fly

Let the sparks fly
Tell each other how you feel
Communicate with one another
So you can build a world together

Of An Affable Nature

Of an affable nature
Always with a smile
Helping everyone out
Being kind is worthwhile