Ronell Warren Alman Poems

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There Is A Hero Within

There is a hero within
Rise up and go through the battle
Thrive to survive
So you can show your mettle

She Has Turned Things Around

She has turned things around
By walking in a positive light
No more hanging around with the wrong crowd
Striving to make things right

Strength And Potency

Having courage to continue
Shows strength and potency
At times one may want to give up
But, you must show your resiliency

Just Take Flight

Just take flight
Build yourself upward
Be the one who prospers
As you move onward

It Is Really Not Nice

It is really not nice
When we use another person
Everyone suffers a great deal
And then some

Always Give It Your Best

Always give it your best
Continue to climb that ladder
Believe that you can
Make your visions sharper

Girl, You Truly Are A Masterpiece

Girl, you truly are a masterpiece
What a pretty sight to see
Classy, sassy, and stunning
You are beautiful as can be

We Start A New Day

We start a new day
There is yet another chance
For us to better ourselves
To empower and enhance

Girl, Together We Build Our Foundation

Girl, together we build our foundation
We cherish one another
Simply of a loving nature
Let us make this last forever

You Sit Alone And Stare At The Wall

You sit alone and stare at the wall
And darkness is all that you will find
Messing around with narcotics
Is sadly destroying your mind