Ronell Warren Alman Poems

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Girl, Why Do You Stay With Him?

Girl, why do you stay with him?
And make an excuse
Haven't you had enough of his mess?
Along with all of the abuse

Always Take A Stand

Always take a stand
Continue to rise through the air
Embrace life always
And show that you care

Keep Those Feet Moving

Keep those feet moving
And be willing to try
Have a positive outlook on matters
Do not let opportunity pass you by

Always Find A Way

Always find a way
Be determined to excel
Keep your mind occupied
In order to do well

As Moments Continue

As moments continue
Another story comes to the light
With proper encouragement
We have it in us to make matters bright

Continue To Travel Along Your Path

Continue to travel along your path
Do not let anyone deter you
Think pleasant thoughts
As there is lots to do

Learn To Appreciate What You Have

Learn to appreciate what you have
Things change right before our eyes
What you currently have may disappear
And that my friends is no jive

Hope Is Always There

Hope is always there
Just continue at it
Believe that you can
And make yourself legit

Of A Soothing Nature

Of a soothing nature
On a cold autumn night
Girl, it is you and I together
Laying by the fire and watching the moonlight

Always Be The One Who Is Thankful

Always be the one who is thankful
You have lots to live for
Take it all in stride
There is much more in store