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I swear that I would not go back
To pole the glass fishpools where the rough breath lies
That built the Earth - there, under the heavy trees
With their bark that's full of grocer's spice,

Not for an hour - although my heart
Moves, thirstily, to drink the thought - would I
Go back to run my boat
On the brown rain that made it slippery,

I would not for a youth
Return to ignorance, and be the wildfowl
Thrown about by the dark water seasons
With an ink-storm of dark moods against my soul,

And no firm ground inside my breast,
Only the breath of God...

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The Sash Window

Outside that house, I stood like a dog;
The window was mysterious, with its big, dull pane
Where the mud pastes are thrown by dark, alkaline skies
That glide slowly along, keeping close to the ground.

- But for the raging disgust which shook me
So that my throat was scratched by her acid
(Whose taste is the true Latin of culture) -

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