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I swear that I would not go back
To pole the glass fishpools where the rough breath lies
That built the Earth - there, under the heavy trees

The Drinkers Of Coffee

We talk openly, and exchange souls.
Power-shocks of understanding knock us off our feet!
The same double life among the bores and vegetables,

Story Of A Hotel Room

Thinking we were safe-insanity!
We went in to make love. All the same
Idiots to trust the little hotel bedroom.
Then in the gloom…

Badly Chosen Lover

Criminal, you took a great piece of my life,
And you took it under false pretences,
That piece of time

A Few Sentences Away

What a night! My past is very close.
Dark rag-and-satin April in the city
Moves its water lily breezes, one by one. My fading letters!
My café-au-lait sentences that groaned for love and money.

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L Rao 08 May 2014

pls share her poems................ they are worth readable unlike the most. Regards L.Rao

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Rosemary Tonks (born 1932) is an English author and poet. She disappeared from the public eye after her conversion to Fundamentalist Christianity in the 1970s, and nothing is known about her life since.

Early life

Rosemary Tonks was born in London and educated at Wentworth School, London. Expelled in 1948, she published a children's st ...

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