Rosey Scouthethern

Rosey Scouthethern Poems

1. Light Out Side, By Wakey! Wakey! - This One Is Also For You Jason W. 7/4/2012
2. Inside It's Not All Smiles! 7/4/2012
3. Our Lords Prayer 7/29/2012
4. Time Is Important 8/21/2012
5. And It Hurts 9/11/2012
6. Kill Me! 9/24/2012
7. Blame It All On The Alcohol 10/7/2012
8. Hear The Little Boy Cry 10/7/2012
9. My Confession 11/7/2012
10. Never Back Down 11/7/2012
11. Inside We Cry, Inside We Scream 7/4/2012
12. The Hunger, The Pain 7/4/2012
13. I Miss You 12/16/2012
14. I Lost A Friend 12/17/2012
15. Dance So Good, By Wakey! Wakey! - This One Is For You Jason W. 7/4/2012
16. Sooo Fat 9/17/2012
17. The Chance Of Pregnancy 9/17/2012
18. I Did 8/16/2012
19. In The Mirror 11/7/2012
Best Poem of Rosey Scouthethern

In The Mirror

When you look in the mirror
What do you see?
Do you see what you want to be?
Tall, short, fat or thin?
Either way, life is fought
Like two never-ending battles
Always feeling like you're
being hassled

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I Did

I took the pills
I tried to drown
I used the knife
And sharply cut down

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