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He makes her coffee, the way she likes,
While the other sleeps,

On an Indiana summer’s eve,
Wind and water can twist itself into a monster one night,
And the next run its fingers like a lover through your hair.

She’s mine!
And with the simple twist of a simple, metal tab
She flies!
And even the flight of jets is not the same.

The farms and factories are filled with
Unwritten books, the
Bars with unrecorded stars.

My front porch muse makes
Deep pools from puddles.

Living at the tip of the

He accumulates, in increments,
Tiny bits of wasted time: he
Remembers he forgot the keys,
Reviews the menu seven times,


“If your father and I had never met, you wouldn’t even be! ”
That used to bother me a bit, to think that some small twist of fate,
Some feckless little turn of head, some glint of eye or casual wit
Had linked my parents long ago by matrimonial ring and bed,


At seven, they said I had to blend
Half water with half cream.
But Vo5’s “No-Mix-Formula”
Was only 29 cents more.

Some Pit-dweller kid, I wonder,
Did he congregate with other kids
Around the most popular pit in town,
Saying cool pit-things in

Her skin was darker than his,
Tanned by a different sun; younger,
Softer. She drew
More meaning from his than


Like pulling on a stalk of wheat till
Roots and soil come up together on a hot day.
Your head is hot, the air is hot. Everything
Alive or not is hot


Plaid shirt, T-shirt,
White socks, dress brown shoes.
My brother wore plastic protection!
Complete with three pencils, seven pens,

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BA Purdue University, Rhetorical and Mass Communication Theory/Television Production. MA Ball State University, Public Speaking Currently Instructor of Public Speaking, Business Communications and Introduction to Communications on Downtown Campus of Pima Community College, Tucson, Arizona.)

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The A.D.D. And The Other

He makes her coffee, the way she likes,
While the other sleeps,
To apologize for being so forgetful,
And then forgets to add the cream.

He decides (to apologize for that)
To completely dust the furniture, but
Rearranges it instead, halfway,
And runs to get her pizza, envisioning their lunch and smiles.

Driving home, elated, with the tang
Of oregano and roast tomatoes cooling in the car,
He stops to get her flowers,
And sees a sale on milk and eggs. The Other loves a sale on eggs!

Outside, of course, he’s met by Peg,
A homeless guy who prefers his mother’s name.
Peg's graying hair and beard he recognizes,
And chats awhile, then fills Peg's parchment hand with bills & change.

He suddenly recalls, “My God!
The milk! The eggs! The pizza! ” So,
He races home, and takes the shortest route,
And passes Pete’s, who’d asked him if he’d like to stop a while and pray,

And have a beer or two or three.
He’s only known him for awhile, but it feels like friends.
Pete starts some eggs to fry, and then they sit and laugh and talk, relaxed.
While Pete is putting out the flames, they laugh about how many times he’s done the same.

Home at last! Apologies in hand:
Cold pizza, soured milk, wilted flowers and rotten eggs,
He helps her to the ambulance (from tripping over furniture) .
The Other adds, “You overdrew the Bank, again! ”

He makes her coffee, the way she likes...

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