Rugger Stormston Poems

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Yesterday, On Main Street

Two wonderful, beautiful women walk by,
Both wearing wonderful, beautiful dresses.
Stop to discuss news,
And how wonderful, beautiful the weather is.

Walking Home Again.

Banging side door sings out
And bounces off the silent roads.
Through the deep dark night it echoes.
'A tip-tip' goes the water -

The Gentle Chirrup Falls

The gentle chirrup falls slowly with the sun.
Heat deprived children return home.
This sepia splattered sky knows of time before man.

Of A Time That Stands In My Memory Clear

Of a time that stands in my memory clear,
When the nights seemed to hide from sight
and footballs banged against walls.

Send Fish To Feed The Hungry

Starved babies pave the street, lying lifeless and limp,
Tired, looking for lost lullabys.
Vomit and excrement form cool pools around their temples,
Dried blood and tears stick to their skin peircing into each dimple.

Newton's 3rd

These four walls have heard it all.
The inflation of sins and depletion of innocence.
Each night I undress and shout silently of my regret.
Every article made of lead; an angry word embedded in my head for my sleeping eyes to see.

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