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Reality is never static
For all it's automatic,
Switches over old to new,
New to old and also few to a few

Some people come on the way
To mitigate misery what come on the way

Some people come on the way

When I go to my bed
The dreams are on their way;
In that while when I sleep
They are start on to play.

During facing problem
Act with thinking
Think with acting
Then whole will be satisfying.

My 'BOU'; my illiterate mother
Who is hitherto a fuel of my life ever
At where I feel illiterate myself at her illiterate literacy
And at where I go down at her uneducated efficacy

Where there's most of scree-scattered giris'
That's Malkangiri
Where there's a sub-tributary line of Godavari
That's Malkangiri

What I verily conceived
Made me inversely deceived,
So exhausted somewhere
At where I identified as unfair

Day after day each day
One page stays added to
My book of days I have got yet as Blessings of God.

She, as an emotion
Of all my states of mind
Comes out, when I talk to her, or,
when I feel her more than a good friend

I'm post office,
People's first office
Known and noted every where
For my services from here to there

One day the land asked
The sky;
Why are you at
Very high?


Sometimes it's pleasure
Someday went to leisure
Somewhat it wants
Somewhere got chance.

'I' a single lettered word
That's overtone to say SELF
'I' that sometimes spoken in ego
Which later results as GRIEF.

A disturbed mind;
kills the Will.
Hurts the Heart.
Zip the Lips.

Time is short
But problems are a lot
We gotta throw that.

What I thought to share
After became freed
But just before it happened
She started to share

My illiterate mother,
A lady of unfound trailblazer
In the horizon of my all hopes,
Though she's unaware of my hope of globe

At each stairs of time, my
mind does merely mistakes;
Couldn't connect with heart
Rather it's started to forsake;

Oh! the world of knowledge
How so vast,
How so depth
Wouldn't find its end

Desire never die
Seeing the ubiquitous nature
Satisfied too, satiated too
Yet, desired at to be more perks from nature.

Runa Pradhan Biography

A beginner to the realm of poetry. Glad to God that I have been incurring such an art which gays me ever. I strictly believe in the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God. I always imply myself the adage " A good name is the best of all treasures.)

The Best Poem Of Runa Pradhan

Reality: An Ever Changing Truth

Reality is never static
For all it's automatic,
Switches over old to new,
New to old and also few to a few

All go change, all made break
All at all come to wreck
Although it's varied at all to all,
Yet it's somewhere last more or a while

It's felt to perceptive eyes,
Seen to quested eyes
It's ever a mundane truth too
That makes always a cyclic change too

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Ak 26 September 2021

Superb ??

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Trilochan Pradhan 31 May 2020

Best poems for couples please and also for friends

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Whose mind as what He/she as that.

Really reality is rare in this universe because all are superficial, illusive and fascinating over the reality.

Don't let Until get When get Then let

' Nothing to something and something to everything in anything is a complete venue of getting satisfaction and success in what is desired.'

'Run for a hope to leap of the challenges coming on the way rather going back.'

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