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I'm just different from me
What makes distinct to feel me;
Have been sometimes opening at any;
Have been grinning or grimming at any

My 'BOU'; my illiterate mother
Who is hitherto a fuel of my life ever
At where I feel illiterate myself at her illiterate literacy
And at where I go down at her uneducated efficacy

Where there's most of scree-scattered giris'
That's Malkangiri
Where there's a sub-tributary line of Godavari
That's Malkangiri

I'm post office,
People's first office
Known and noted every where
For my services from here to there

My illiterate mother,
A lady of unfound trailblazer
In the horizon of my all hopes,
Though she's unaware of my hope of globe

I can assure
Her innocent pleasure,
When I make a space at her
To think her wills to share.

I know not the sparrow comes
at my open window is the sparrow
I often see,
But comes daily

O! thoughts
Where have you gone?
I wanted to pen down

Seat at me,
To meet my emotions.

Hold my hand,


Cannot find where I'm
In the darkness of delusion
How and why I have also prowled
In the orbit of it by false illusion

She is not de facto a rain
But a fairy of rain
Who is recently drenched
My thoughts of disdain

Someone had with me,
I didn't lost in the haze of loneliness
So She: the sparrow as usual
Had come, but left in a while.

The sweetness of laughing
The spicyness of anger
The saltness of tears
And the tasteless thoughts;

they are in front, are
not actually in back
They are in front, to astray
your will giving a brake


Life is conditional
To this queen Earth
With having a great oath
To walk along the just path

O! dear lord of lords
Lord of the whole world
You are the path of all truths
You are the truth of all paths

Morning walk! Morning walk!
Along the road;
Perceives like running of chalk
On the blackboard;

The Earth is healing
Creatures are suffering
Curse of Corona is threatening
Being very hard to that for combating.

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A beginner to the realm of poetry. Glad to God that I have been incurring such an art which gays me ever. I strictly believe in the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God. I always imply myself the adage " A good name is the best of all treasures.)

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I'm Just

I'm just different from me
What makes distinct to feel me;
Have been sometimes opening at any;
Have been grinning or grimming at any

I'm just stress to me
What incurs as agony in me;
Have been busting mind's meek;
Have been making just mentally sick

I'm just chivvy to me
What results as dilly-dally to me;
Have been losing nerves to act on;
Have been closing heart's desire to way on

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Ak 26 September 2021

Superb 🧁

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Trilochan Pradhan 31 May 2020

Best poems for couples please and also for friends

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Whose mind as what He/she as that.

Really reality is rare in this universe because all are superficial, illusive and fascinating over the reality.

Don't let Until get When get Then let

' Nothing to something and something to everything in anything is a complete venue of getting satisfaction and success in what is desired.'

'Run for a hope to leap of the challenges coming on the way rather going back.'

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Runa Pradhan Popularity

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