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A beginner to the realm of poetry. Glad to God that I have been incurring such an art which gays me ever.
I strictly believe in the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God. I always imply myself the adage " A good name is the best of all treasures. "

Runa Pradhan Poems

Reality: An Ever Changing Truth

Reality is never static
For all it's automatic,
Switches over old to new,
New to old and also few to a few

Some People On The Way

Some people come on the way
To mitigate misery what come on the way

Some people come on the way

Dream Girl

When I go to my bed
The dreams are on their way;
In that while when I sleep
They are start on to play.

Facing Problem

During facing problem
Act with thinking
Think with acting
Then whole will be satisfying.

How Bulky The Knowledge

Oh! the world of knowledge
How so vast,
How so depth
Wouldn't find its end

Runa Pradhan Quotes

13 June 2020

Whose mind as what He/she as that.

19 June 2020

Really reality is rare in this universe because all are superficial, illusive and fascinating over the reality.

04 April 2021

Don't let Until get When get Then let

24 July 2021

' Nothing to something and something to everything in anything is a complete venue of getting satisfaction and success in what is desired.'

24 July 2021

'Run for a hope to leap of the challenges coming on the way rather going back.'

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Ak 26 September 2021

Superb ??

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Trilochan Pradhan 31 May 2020

Best poems for couples please and also for friends

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