Runa Pradhan Poems

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Reality: An Ever Changing Truth

Reality is never static
For all it's automatic,
Switches over old to new,
New to old and also few to a few

Some People On The Way

Some people come on the way
To mitigate misery what come on the way

Some people come on the way

Dream Girl

When I go to my bed
The dreams are on their way;
In that while when I sleep
They are start on to play.

Facing Problem

During facing problem
Act with thinking
Think with acting
Then whole will be satisfying.

How May I?

May I mad
May I bad
So don't on me be sad
May I ugly


There will a day come
That the shiny sun,
the half-full moon,
The load-bearing land and

Home Living...

I know I will return oneday

Thousands Thoughts

Sleeping has not invited
Yet to eyes, night narrows timely,
Thousands thoughts teem,
Seems as if a galaxy of thoughts

Misery Of Mistakes

At each stairs of time, my
mind does merely mistakes;
Couldn't connect with heart
Rather it's started to forsake;

Society: At The Door Of Modernity

Society - a we feelings bond
Which is on the verge of degradation
Has been seemingly felt like an umbrella
Or, as the sky over the earth these days, But