Rusty Ed Gibson Poems

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Love, Hope, And Faith

We live tomorrow
the dreams of today
Our hopes of the future
gives us faith along the way

I’m So Lost

I’m so lost
I’m barely alive
I wouldn’t be missed
If I were to die


If you will come by some day
I wont act like such a nut
I wont hang on your every word
or talk about your butt

Why Did You Do Me Wrong?

Why did you do it?
Why did you sell me out?
Why did you stick your knife in my back
and then fail to pull it out?

The Kiss

It was just a moment
that couldn’t last long enough
It was just a moment
that was all about us.

My Own Worst Enemy

I have looked in many places
for the reasons I am sad

I have looked all over

American Pride

Train loads of history
that make this land great
like the American spirit
that carved its own fate

Daddy's Love Their Daughters

Every since you were just a baby girl

you have owned my heart and ruled my world

Your Superhero

I want to be your super hero
your new old boy friend
I will always come to your rescue
your honor I will defend

Something To Share

I wish I had something to share
with everyone I know
Something kind of proud and rare
from which good times seem to flow

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