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We live tomorrow
the dreams of today
Our hopes of the future
gives us faith along the way

I’m so lost
I’m barely alive
I wouldn’t be missed
If I were to die

If you will come by some day
I wont act like such a nut
I wont hang on your every word
or talk about your butt

Why did you do it?
Why did you sell me out?
Why did you stick your knife in my back
and then fail to pull it out?

It was just a moment
that couldn’t last long enough
It was just a moment
that was all about us.

I have looked in many places
for the reasons I am sad

I have looked all over

Train loads of history
that make this land great
like the American spirit
that carved its own fate

Every since you were just a baby girl

you have owned my heart and ruled my world

I want to be your super hero
your new old boy friend
I will always come to your rescue
your honor I will defend

I wish I had something to share
with everyone I know
Something kind of proud and rare
from which good times seem to flow

Riding in my truck the other day
Taking my son and his friends to play
When one of the boys spoke up and said
Why mister - do you listen to that?

My friend and me a few years ago
took a trip to the big city don’t you know
We wanted to see what it was all about
but it just felt like foreign ground

</>My life has been a maze
of failures and bad decisions
no matter where I gaze
I see where I have wronged

If you have never seen death
you wouldn't know
what it takes from you
to let someone go

I almost died the first time I saw you
my heart hasn’t caught up yet
I keep wanting to hear back from you
I would wait forever you can bet

You were there
when I turned 15
we went for a ride
in my old GMC

You're going to beat me, you’re going to win
you’re going to get there, before me my friend

You have to know all those fun times we had

Sitting here by the fire today
with nothing much I want to say
just playing my old songs

You left years ago  
but today I moved you out 
I'm bustin that ghost 
that you left hanging around 


its not what you want
or its not what it seems
it happens to everyone
just stuck in between

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I was raised by some great people but at this point in my life most are gone. I have lived through many good and bad times and these poems are proof. Always looking for new inspiration and about half scared to get it. https: //

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Love, Hope, And Faith

We live tomorrow
the dreams of today
Our hopes of the future
gives us faith along the way

Love is the river
of this wakened state
Its never out of time
its never too late

It gives us life
as it flows through our lives
It tears through confusion
loneliness and strife

Love cuts a clear path
through the test of time
You can see where it has been
and watch it unwind

Free as a river
that you can't control
You can't even say
where it might flow

Hope is a power
that cant be taken away
It can pull you through
even the toughest of days

Hope can keep you going
when everything else fails
It keeps you company
on the loneliest of trails

Faith is ever daring
in the face of defeat
It can bring you courage
that nothing can beat

Faith is never doubting
in yourself or your beliefs
Holding on to what you know
when content is just a dream

Faith can give you strength
to face what the future brings
Combined with hope and love
you only need the three of these

Love is like a River
Hope is like a dream
Faith is just believing
with nothing to be seen

So dream of tomorrow
and Love for today
Hope with all your heart
Let Faith show you the way

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