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S Ovwata Onojieruo is a Political scientist with interest in poetry, allegory as well as other literary/instructional pieces.
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S Ovwata Onojieruo Poems

The Parting Song

Farewell nooks and cranies
Of elysian blissful land
Farewell friends and foes
Dwelling and indwelling upon this plain

On Socrates

A positively mad scholar,
powerfully maddened by human despair
and fleets the fleet of existing morals
in the openly closed earthly disorder

What Is Love

Straying between time and space
the fleeting memories of bygone years
uphold the inner feeling of resentment and relentment
chases the ulterior and upholder of modesty

Love Over Hate

Hate drowns the human soul
Love crowns each human life
Hate leaves bowels uneasy
Love leaves whole being so steady

Life's Lesson (Dedicated To My Q.V.S Jss1 Friends)

We'll always meet people in life
persons we love and some we hate
we always wish love never ends
and hate go soon quickly away

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