Sachin Ketkar

Rookie (29 September 1972 - / Baroda, Gujarat / India)

Sachin Ketkar Poems

1. The Tree Of Total Eclipse 9/13/2012
2. The Tom And Jerry Show 9/13/2012
3. The Simplicity Of My Congenital Thirst 9/13/2012
4. Wait For Me 9/13/2012
5. The Old Prostitute At The Taj Mahal 9/13/2012
6. Tithal 9/13/2012
7. The Isle Of Calibans 9/13/2012
8. This Summer Too 9/13/2012
9. A Lamp 9/13/2012
10. Inscapes From Hostel 9/13/2012
11. A Hymn 9/13/2012
12. A Note 9/13/2012
13. Every Breath That Leaves My Body 9/13/2012
14. Bird Songs 9/13/2012
15. Love Songs For Amogh 9/13/2012
16. A Long Song 9/13/2012
17. Alta Mira 9/13/2012
18. Excerpts From Jarasandha's Blog 9/13/2012
19. Hairfall And Photocopies 9/13/2012
20. The City Which Doesn'T Go Anywhere 9/13/2012
21. Ten Asides For Ten Heads 9/13/2012
22. The Dildopnishad 9/13/2012
23. Stranded 9/13/2012
24. How To Write A Poem 9/13/2012
25. A Paper Presented At The Conference On Global Warming 9/13/2012
26. A Soliloquy Of A Smart-Alecky Soap 9/13/2012
27. A Foot-Note On An Unpublished Poem 9/13/2012
28. Campus Poems 9/13/2012
29. History 9/13/2012
30. A Soulful Song For The Black And White Television 9/13/2012
31. Chlorophyll Of Poetry 9/13/2012
32. All This Fuss About Skin 9/13/2012
33. The Hunt 9/13/2012

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Best Poem of Sachin Ketkar

The Hunt

I have hunted for the black antelopes
stags and musk deers
in the remote corners of my dark continent
forest people with nightmare trees
bogs and silences of the devoured animals
for I wanted to bring you
luminescent deer skins sunlit eyes of the wild cats
and my own head trophied and stuffed

With my primitive wooden spear
I have fished for the fish fleshy and fat
in ambiguous swamps coves and marshes
as I wanted to bring you
bittersweet blood of the freshwater fishes
to moisten the deserts of your lips

I have hunted for the snow white polar ...

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Ten Asides For Ten Heads


The elixir of immortality
In the navel
Of this ten faced world
Has dried out

I place my elongated diabolical fingers
On the navel

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