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A cocktail of colors spills,
waves still slumber
in the frosted breath of
Northern Winds,

This year, I have learned a lot of things
In this world of many terrible happenings
Pandemic, Ukraine war, and calamity
Compelling us to wonder what happened to humanity.

the waves
lap gently
as the sunset

How can I forget
the songs of warblers
and wrens singing softly at dawn?

I'll write all our bittersweet memories in every piece of my journal,
filling it with our shared joys, laughters, and tears.
More pages might be full of haunted thoughts and questions about how you left me.
However, I will keep writing until I shed no tears.

Out of the blue, the midnight wind begins to blow,  
unfamiliar croons awaken my cold senses,  
and a misty memory swiftly starts to flow,
reaching the dark depths of my clandestine loneliness.

star-spangled sky,
and the night breeze whispers
words of goodbye.
the scent of verbena

language of love written in sheet music
played by heartbeats while drops fall without rain
where mellow rhythms are making my mind sick
like the melodies pounding on my brain

A chilling breeze blows
whispers of winter morn
and serenades the cold,
whilst the saffron sky shatters,

leafless trees slumber
in nature's wintry song,
cloaked in porcelain snow
and dreaming

clouds pirouette
my breath ceases a moment later
as I linger on the taste of summer
along with the Nebraska prairie breeze

diverse landscapes full of blooming summer dreams where mellow melodies flow over sunflowers and lavender fields

the sun highlights the mountains and ridges while larches and pines rustle in the chiming wind and breathe their pleasing scents

How can I forget the promise that we made
under the millions of sparkling stars and the kaleidoscopic hues of the moonbow?
where a dance of colors blended to the night song of the meadow,
and those twenty-two minutes of ephemeral moments that we both shared until those blush of colors slowly fade.

The sounds of dawn
blend in with the breeze;
pampas grasses wave
and send their hellos

How can I resist
the tranquility of the river reflecting the solitude of my existence
as I travel through the winter forest,
the symphonies and croons of chickadees and sparrows in the ice-covered trees, and the porcelain snow moments beneath the silhouettes of dusk?

I am a flower,
One of a kind.
I have thorns;
However, I always hide them.

cloaking herself with
carmine chrysanthemums and porcelain roses,
whispering her words
like a fluttering magenta snowflakes,

The sun blossoms and permeates the crisp, warm air.
Fragile Morning Glories unfurl;
their scents sway the bees awake
as dew drops slowly dissipate.

felicity meets heaven,
vermillion permeates,
and an orb of hope reflects
in the vast fragments of dreams;

Sagi Writes Biography

A girl who often sees the beauty of things in a peaceful mind of a silent observer. Just like in life, we have to understand and hear life's silent melody and learn to live harmoniously through its faint whispers.)

The Best Poem Of Sagi Writes

Crack Of Dawn

A cocktail of colors spills,
waves still slumber
in the frosted breath of
Northern Winds,
and soon awake
in glimmering gold
with champagne dreams.

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Life after the pain is like a rainbow after the rain.

Amidst the darkness, a whole me emerges when the light of hope devoured my emptiness.

We fell in love unexpectedly, found ourselves in the process, and parted ways with memories.

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