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a tear is torturing a heart filled with grief
and the shadows of humanity prevents the relief
the smoke of cruelty obscures the sun of life
that war continues till our brother we have to fight

tears now are pouring down my head
as you killed my feelings i have had
now you're gone out of my mind
it's the end now plz don't ever mind

i am here again wondering what to write
to express my feelings i know that's right
maybe some tears to shed alone by myself
trying to hold on since u're gone since u left

the first time i saw you baby i liked your eyes
when you got into my life the sun of my days has rise
i love you and i didn't wanted you to go
i love you is that word i wanted you to know

you may think i am lazy bcz i ddnt do well in this test
well i want to say 'i studied and what i did was my best'
if i disappointed you i am really sorry for that
i may not be a genius in physics but i'm not stupid at last

i thought the best part is when i got married to you
as we're about to become three my dream will come true
i'll have this child who is a part from me and you
he will be the key that reminds me how much i love you

feeling like you're throttled, unhappy in ur life
all you want is to be like anyone infront of ur sight
but misery and bad luck are interrupting your way
till happiness became that wanted unreachable place

Dark shadows surround this darkened night
lonely heart sitting there as they turned off the light
it's a blessing when no one can see u cry
weeping under this sublime glowing sky

now as love has flew i still remember you
i always see your face but we never talked though
i always hear your voice i always remember your whispers
as i keep suffering from this painful distance

Maybe god brought u down just for me
and maybe we were born to be together
u're now beside me to send me free
and right next to u i'll be forever

death has came to steal
i wished to take off my breath
but now it took someone else
away from us


for all the pain and hurt u've suffered
and every single tear u've shed
for every smile u drawn when we're gathered
and all the happiness u had to spread

you looked at the sky shining by millions of stars
and the days have passed by as u keep lookin there so far
every day one star gave up its light
till u've figured out that u dnt deserve that bright

We shall be forgotten these days to forgive what we've done to our dignity
Humiliating ourselves in so many ways trying to fight our destiny
The truth is that we're waiting till the last candle to turn off
And it ends by a heart crash such a silly scoff

Sometimes remains silent is the best thing u can do
Some unspoken words can prevent dreams to come true
It would be a disaster if no one reveals his feelings
U should speak cz silence doesn't have any meaning

Loosing everything day after day
Taking all peoples i loved away
doing this without my will
my heart is what i'm about to kill

Looking at the darkness in the huge black sky
Counting the shining stars implanted in its space
They have the same number of your painful lies
Nd braking my feelings became a race


now u're tellin me i'm ur friend and nothing more
yesterday u was calling me ur love nd now i'm nt anymore?
are u conquering my feelings or u think with my heart u can play?
lost in my illusion till my self confidence went astray

chasing my own shadow, takin my spirit to another place
plantin in my heart sorrow, blaming my own mistakes
braking apart as the time is running everythig is fading away
loosing my smile, , it just left me in my own way

don't waste ur time by doing the impossible to make someone satified
and he ddnt even do the possible he just distroied urself pride
u always kept on trying to win his heart and to see his smile
but at the end he left u by urself and everything was a lie

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just read my poems and you'll find out my personality, the experiences i passed by, everything i felt what i suffered... what i can say is i feel that i am something when i post a new poem it make me feel like i exist i am alive u knw.. i started writing when i was 14 years old and it continued... i wish to make a poetry book. some of my poems are songs made by me my own lyrics and my music i am a singer too nt that famous just my friends and people around knw me.. i would like to be a singer one day, god has gave me this gift a nice voice and the ability to write so why not... all i want from those who read this biography is to help me by posting comments and rate my writing and thank you so much :)))

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Innocence's Misery

a tear is torturing a heart filled with grief
and the shadows of humanity prevents the relief
the smoke of cruelty obscures the sun of life
that war continues till our brother we have to fight

human is not perfectly made as god is
selfishness and greed have led us to this
self love and pleasures are the drugs of blindess
human being is so blind till he's punishing the innocence

the society has become like an enraged volcano
and the flames of lava will burn our combo
till the music of joy turns to tragedy
that happiness we used to have becomes misery

free their blood and release their veins
the real question is where is our brain
we still want more we still want everything
when the innocence is crying and our futur is bleeding

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Miss Darkness 18 May 2012

hope u enjoy my poems.. just plz post ur comments and rate my poems and thank u ^_^

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