Saigyo Poems

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Winds Of Autumn

Even in a person
most times indifferent
to things around him
they waken feelings

Thought I Was Free

Thought I was free
of passion, so this melancholy
comes as surprise:
a woodcock shoots up from the marsh

The Monk Saigyo

Should I blame the moon
For bringing forth this sadness,
As if it pictured grief?
Lifting up my troubled face,

Not Stopping To Mark The Trail

Not stopping to mark the trail,
let me push even deeper
into the mountain!
Perhaps there's a place

How Wonderful

How wonderful, that
Her heart
Should show me kindness;
And of all the numberless folk,

Having Seen Them Long

Having seen them long,
I hold the flowers so dear
That when they scatter
I find it all the more sad

Limitations Gone

limitations gone
since my mind fixed on the moon
clarity and serenity
make something for which

In A Mountain Village

In a mountain village
at autumn’s end—
that’s where you learn
what sadness means

He Made No Promise

He made no promise, yet
Wondering if he'll come, I wait,
In the early evening;
If only it would stay this way,

As Banked Clouds

As banked clouds
are swept apart by the wind,
at dawn the sudden cry
of the first wild geese

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