How Wonderful Poem by Saigyo

How Wonderful

Rating: 2.9

How wonderful, that
Her heart
Should show me kindness;
And of all the numberless folk,
Grief should not touch me.

Fabrizio Frosini 02 June 2016

sort of contrasting feelings.. Though Saigyo became a priest, his determination was not unshakable; he had doubts about renouncing the world..

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Sylvaonyema Uba 20 July 2017

Should show me kindness. A well communicated poem. Sylva.

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 July 2017

Kindness! ! ! Peace and love. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Seamus O Brian 20 July 2017

Given the compelling and striking nature of Saigyo's other Waka, I am also of the mind that there is something lost here in translation. Since most of the internet is cut-and-paste, and I have no written copies of other translations of his work, we are left with a single translation reiterated a thousand times. Perhaps someone with more resources might enlighten us...

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Kayode Are 20 July 2017

Seem like appreciation of maternal care than romantic affection. Effective all the same.

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Lantz Pierre 20 July 2017

It does feel that way. I wonder if a different translation would sway that feeling differently.

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How wonderful! A heart with only kindness and no grief! Short, crisp and meaningful!

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