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The black rose,
laying on the white table,
with water drops on each pedal,
from the night where a storm started,

I love to smile,
for a smile is something speacial
that it could brighten up a day,

Seven roses, I had, counting one by one thinking what each it means,
the white rose, clean and pure,
like God's heart so dearly,
black evil and darkness,

Jesus Christ the only God's Son was sent to earth from his Father from the Heaven above,
died for our sins so we can be with him,
so pure his heart is with love and care,
he has,

I was having a nice walk to a garden that was full of white and blue roses by the path,
the roses smell heavenly,
I then, heard a beautilful voice that was around the corner, singing,
I look and look but find nothing was there, until I look up at the tree that was beside me,

I had two friend,
the first I meet when I was eleven,
the second is when I was twelve.

It was another day,
I went to the beach,
there I could feel the wind breeze right through me,
not many people were there,

The magic land,
far away,
from two worlds that come as one,
where welcomes,

Moment at it's cause the wind rise as it sweeps the ground off, the sea reached hiting the mountain breaking it's connecting between the rock, running againts the green fungus.

The earth breaks apart, as the fire reached it's limit the lava exploded, down the hill it flows. The flames no pitty it puts upon coming running down in rage.

Crossing the green nature,
seeking what to expore above the mountain and the tree,
just to know what it is about,
except to find it near the river, near the forest,

The clock strikes again,
from england,
the sound I could hear so far,
every minit, every secound,

In this world,
as I live,
for there I see hope and joy,
in every part of it,

My mommy so pretty, so wonderful, so fine,
the one that I love that is much of my very kind,
houses chores she do always at home,
me I don't even want to give a single tone,

My daddy so handsome and so kind,
the one i enjoy with the most of my time,
in house trading on the lap top that is what he do,
to earn and take care of us that is so true,


How the math numbers have scatter,
high and low, hard and easy nobody knows,
how it may be important to life and future,
until you are have grown so very old,

by the morning glory bells on top of the blossom,
settle on the mountains edge ready to treble,

Funny I am to hear poems of them,
poems I like the most is about friends,
but poems I see is much saying bad,
I am not mean but I don't like to be sad,

I hate those with minds of worms,
dumb they are foolish they can be,
strike those with minds of evil how could people support them in ways,
seeing these makes me blast with range,

I leap over the high walls,
to see the world out there,
I run about 100 km,
just to get myself up loaded,

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Hello! Hope you all will like my poem knowing is not very good still please give some comments or vote if you all do not mind. God bless you.)

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The Black Rose

The black rose,
laying on the white table,
with water drops on each pedal,
from the night where a storm started,
strong it's root deep it stranded,
the rain washed down it came,
yet not a single damaged it caused,
the morning where the sun was burning,
water all it dry but the rose still damp,
it was call the rose of death,
to me it is the rose of a survivor.

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