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1. We Will Find Wisdom Through The Looking Glass. 12/24/2011
2. On This Christmas Eve, I Would Like To Solve The Greatest Mystery Of The Bible. 12/24/2011
3. Did You Ever See A Humming Bird Cry? 12/24/2011
4. When Will We Wake Up To The Science Of Jesus Christ? 12/25/2011
5. Our Life Is A Carefully Managed Parade; All Dressed Up In Phony Overconfidence 1/8/2012
6. We Looked For Wisdom Everywhere But Could Not Find Wisdom Anywhere But...Wisdom Can Be Everywhere. 1/11/2012
7. Why Is Society The Way It Is? Because It Is Pay Back Time 1/24/2012
8. We Are All Cought In Our Own Spin. 1/28/2012
9. The Amazing Message Of The Bible; As Scientific As Pure Education! 2/5/2012
10. There Are No Sundays For The Brain. 9/19/2013
11. The Historical Wrong That Our Sages Of Philosophy Committed On Misdefining Wisdom Can Be Highlighted And Corrective Action Taken! 3/29/2014
12. Today Take The Time To Inch Closer To Wisdom. 3/29/2016
13. What Are Our Leaders Waiting For? Humbleness Is The Key To Healing The Ills Of Society. 4/17/2016
14. The Story Of Life. 9/15/2013
15. The Third Eye; Everyone Has It, Including You. 1/14/2012
16. A Mole Hill Of Ignorance And A History Of Disaster. 12/24/2011
17. What Is Wisdom? 1/24/2012
18. Please Wake Up To The Factors That Have Created Such An Education Mess; Our Education System Is Fundamentally Flawed 1/24/2012
19. We Have The Answers 12/24/2011
20. The Poet Sajid Khan's Background. 1/14/2012

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The Poet Sajid Khan's Background.

Our Background

We have figured out what is wisdom and how it can be created on a mass scale.

Wisdom is the wealth of intelligence and just like wealth, wisdom is
nothing on its own! Just like wealth has to be in something else like
gold, real estate, stocks, bank balance etc. Again wisdom is like a
house. A house is the sum of its parts. A house is nothing without its
building blocks. Similarly wisdom is nothing without/but its building
blocks. The building block of wisdom is selflessness. By creating
selflessness we create wisdom.

We have quantified the ...

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What Is Wisdom?

Wisdom is the wealth of intelligence. Wisdom is like wealth where wealth cannot be created on its own; Wealth has to be created through trading, innovation, profit etc. One cannot hold wealth in one's hand because wealth is a descriptive word for possessing an excess of gold, silver, real estate, dollars etc. When one is holding wealth in one's han

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