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Sajna Kailas Biography

Name: Sajna Kailas

Age: 22 yrs

Sex: Female

Nationality: India

(I am very proud to be an Indian.)

Nativity: Kerala. (the south most State of India)

Education: doing Bsc Zoology In university college, Trivandrum, Kerala.

Poetry: I love poetry but I am not a talented writer. I like to read poems written by others than writing.

I love Jesus Christ. I am very passionate about Him.

The Best Poem Of Sajna Kailas

I Am A Girl!

I am a girl
with all feminine worries
complaints and objection to all
just for nothing
but have something to concern
sometimes great joy
sometime intense grief
Jealous; a woe of my mind
but patience and kindness are my merits

Growing by age, I am
the reason for my father's worry
makes my mother responsible
so that I should copy her qualities
my brothers, my shelter
I am always depend on them.
Being my bodyguards of my life
they got villian image among boys!

In a society, I am a pride
to God, a sincere believer
politely gives my prayers and offers
worship Him with whole heart
adore before His glory and power

Being a girl, merrily sings
sings my songs from the heart
praise the nature's scenic beauty
makes some fun with birds!
always keep my mind artistic

let me sing my elegy too
when I am sad and helpless
as a lonesome child in a dense wood!
hope for love and care
Yes, because I am a girl!

Sajna Kailas Comments

Dead Rose 11 January 2012

''such a talented and amazing poetess''....... Some of her poems are so spiritual and some others are related to Love and Life..... I enjoy all of her poems.......... ever Yours, Rose)))))))))

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Sajna Kailas Popularity

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