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I am a girl
with all feminine worries
complaints and objection to all
just for nothing

Silence is the ultimate of speaking
sometimes words are not enough
to emphasize our agony or ecstasy
but silence makes it in all its means

Fascination in modesty and mildness makes love in man
women often fascinated in courage and manhood
anyway when two are in love,

I Give my life to you,
you Give your love to me!
I Give my breathe to you,
you take them, live for long!

one day, found me
in a spellbound land
where trees dances
with the rhythem of wind,

Kerala; the God's own country.
My motherland; where I lives
with all my mind and soul
I lost my heart, as she

One day from a far empire
you came to my lonesome thoughts
I was totally sedated by your eloquence.
Now you, my companion of all my invisible emotions.

Jovial for mankind; gives us joy
Emperor of the world, justily rules
Shrine for the believers, lives in our heart
Ultimate power, worthy to receive glory and honour

The way, The Truth, The life
Alpha and Omega.
was dead and behold
Alive for ever more!

Life is a reality show
no audition; whole world selected
selected by thee God
there is one and only judge;

</>On a monstrous lonesome night
In a limping white- beard row- boat
with severe chilling breeze
where waves imitate a belly dancer

Sajna Kailas Biography

Name: Sajna Kailas Age: 30 yrs Sex: Female Nationality: India (I am very proud to be an Indian.) Nativity: Kerala. (the south most State of India) Education: doing Bsc Zoology In university college, Trivandrum, Kerala. Poetry: I love poetry but I am not a talented writer. I like to read poems written by others than writing.)

The Best Poem Of Sajna Kailas

I Am A Girl!

I am a girl
with all feminine worries
complaints and objection to all
just for nothing
but have something to concern
sometimes great joy
sometime intense grief
Jealous; a woe of my mind
but patience and kindness are my merits

Growing by age, I am
the reason for my father's worry
makes my mother responsible
so that I should copy her qualities
my brothers, my shelter
I am always depend on them.
Being my bodyguards of my life
they got villian image among boys!

In a society, I am a pride
to God, a sincere believer
politely gives my prayers and offers
worship Him with whole heart
adore before His glory and power

Being a girl, merrily sings
sings my songs from the heart
praise the nature's scenic beauty
makes some fun with birds!
always keep my mind artistic

let me sing my elegy too
when I am sad and helpless
as a lonesome child in a dense wood!
hope for love and care
Yes, because I am a girl!

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Dead Rose 11 January 2012

''such a talented and amazing poetess''....... Some of her poems are so spiritual and some others are related to Love and Life..... I enjoy all of her poems.......... ever Yours, Rose)))))))))

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