Sakib Jamal Poems

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He Looks Just Like A Human!

He looks just like a human
But no love was found in his heart!
Founded there two compartments-
One of a hornet,

Coronavirus Prevention: Awareness Verse

Coronavirus: There is no known way how does it to cure!
So, to prevent attacks - no panic, awareness is needed sure.

If someone has a fever, cold, cough, breathe shortness,

There Is No Power Over Love!

There is no power over love!
This power has created this earth alive.
This power has created this human life.
This power builds or destroys all relationships

Santa Claus' Gift

Santa Claus, Santa Claus
What do you bring?
The Lovely time has began
By Christmas lighting.

Roll Call

In the world school-
The "Conscience Master" Roll Calling-
The presence of the animal at a classroom of animal.
Each member of the group is informed about the presence of the animal by shouting.

Kamagni And Me

Obviously, this body is sensual!
It wants wealth, values, it wants everything-
Doesn't know the end of wanting, Like omnivorous.
Infinite Seeking- Kamagni: Swallows love.

The Pendulum

Six seas' fire is nurtured in my mind!
(I am) Burning, drowning, losing direction because of multifarious ways!
But, I also know, One drop of 'mercy water' from vast skies-
is good enough in a thirsty human life.

Rights Of The Migratory Bird

How are you, O dear Bangladesh?
I came back to visit your Haor,
Everyone in the world knows
You are very hospitable to visitors!

Live In Pleasure

Live in pleasure.
Live in joy forever.
This life is blissful, this world is heavenly-
If you can decorate those nicely!

Humanity Has No Borders!

Why Kashmir? Why Palestine? Why Rakhine? Anywhere-
"Humanity has no borders."
The boundaries of the nation of the world are just political drawing!
In human rights-

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