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He looks just like a human
But no love was found in his heart!
Founded there two compartments-
One of a hornet,

Coronavirus: There is no known way how does it to cure!
So, to prevent attacks - no panic, awareness is needed sure.

If someone has a fever, cold, cough, breathe shortness,

There is no power over love!
This power has created this earth alive.
This power has created this human life.
This power builds or destroys all relationships

Santa Claus, Santa Claus
What do you bring?
The Lovely time has began
By Christmas lighting.

In the world school-
The "Conscience Master" Roll Calling-
The presence of the animal at a classroom of animal.
Each member of the group is informed about the presence of the animal by shouting.

Obviously, this body is sensual!
It wants wealth, values, it wants everything-
Doesn't know the end of wanting, Like omnivorous.
Infinite Seeking- Kamagni: Swallows love.

Six seas' fire is nurtured in my mind!
(I am) Burning, drowning, losing direction because of multifarious ways!
But, I also know, One drop of 'mercy water' from vast skies-
is good enough in a thirsty human life.

শুয়ে শুয়ে, ভেবেছি
গত রাতে
কীভাবে আমার আত্মা একটি বাড়ি খুঁজে পাবে
যেখানে পানির কোন পিপাসা নেই

Vaccinate your society - humanity vaccine.
I don't care about anyone, it's an outmoded citation, never acceptable.
On this earth, people can't live alone, can they live?
If society gets decomposed -

How are you, O dear Bangladesh?
I came back to visit your Haor,
Everyone in the world knows
You are very hospitable to visitors!

Live in pleasure.
Live in joy forever.
This life is blissful, this world is heavenly-
If you can decorate those nicely!

Why Kashmir? Why Palestine? Why Rakhine? Anywhere-
"Humanity has no borders."
The boundaries of the nation of the world are just political drawing!
In human rights-

One day, I am, For the world or for the beloved ones-
Looking for a unique manuscript,
Walking on the ways, when the body feel tired-
Under a tree, I took rest and relaxed two leg,

Darkness snickers in front of you? Are you scared?
Nothing at all! Everyone's life - it seems so!
How much the darkness can increase- not a matter, whatever the wave creates fear,
Rise and fall; Heroically, you can kiss them both.

When your eyes speak-
I listen it into my heart!
Don't think, I am Fakir, Dervish, Sage or Fortune teller-
Just a Lover!

Come on
To Stay up whole night
To see
The golden dawn together.

How many the beautiful flowers want to bloom like Radha. At lover's hut, she likes to enjoy lively with youth amorous love. One day such a sweet Polianthes flower blooms in our village. She astonished, by seeing that - the big saints of the day time become the nocturnal thieves at her hut at night!

Polianthes was telling these to Malvales. The Malvales shouted by dancing her Nose ring - "Sister, how many mischievous hornet twinkle on my body even during the day!

সুন্দর নারীরা ভাবে আশ্চর্য হয়ে- কোথায় আমার গোপন রহস্য থাকে লুকিয়ে!
আমি দেখতে অপরূপ নই বা ফ্যাশন মডেলের গড়নে নই
তবে যখন আমি তাদের বলতে শুরু করি,
তারা মনে করে মিথ্যে বলছি আমি।

Pieces of cloud like coffin are floating in the sky!
At the end of the relentless surrender - the lost souls,
With sad sighs of their relatives- amalgamating both.
In this present world

In the month of mourn, in bangalee's heart
Lamentation goes on continuously.
Bangla where the blood of Bangabandhu soaked-
August remains doleful badly.

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Sakib Jamal is a Bangladeshi Poet, Lyricist and Translator.)

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He Looks Just Like A Human!

He looks just like a human
But no love was found in his heart!
Founded there two compartments-
One of a hornet,
And the other is a bee!
These two are always cogitate around the whole brain.
To satisfy his interests- sometimes he hurts innocent people like a hornet,
Then he sucks the rights of others like a bee!
He looks just like a human.
But I think him- only an animal that fell off the trail by the cause of evolution!

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There is no power over Love.

Sadness is my long-time lover.

Poetry is the panacea of Mind.

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