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1. In His Bed. 3/10/2012
2. Answer 4/21/2012
3. Message On The Autumn Leaves 6/1/2012
4. Message From Eid 3id 8/8/2012
5. On My Head You Are The Crown. 8/21/2012
6. At Your Convenience 11/24/2012
7. Parental Love 12/8/2012
8. Heart Eye Tears 9/23/2013
9. Sarcasm, Jealousy 2/17/2014
10. The Sun. 2/17/2014
11. Butterfly Roses To Kick. 2/17/2014
12. Love Has No Shame. 2/21/2014
13. As She Cried The Melody Of Her Aching Heart All Alone She Dies 8/24/2011
14. The Same People Cursed Me I Said I Love You. 9/25/2011
15. Tribute Of Love 10/2/2011
16. Me And The Butterfly 10/4/2011
17. My Man I Want You To Love Your Mother More Than Me 10/15/2011
18. Time Heals 7/28/2014
19. You Are An Angel 8/2/2014
20. Life With Out You 8/9/2014
21. Habibi Written On Her Lips 10/29/2011
22. Small Silver Spoon 12/14/2011
23. Nine Months Of Fun 3/20/2015
24. Cruelty Still Cries. 3/27/2015
25. Your Twin Has A Name. 1/23/2015
26. Where Do I Begin? ? 9/20/2013
27. Blue Tit In My Garden 3/19/2014
28. If Love 5/15/2014
29. Beautiful Dreams Though Darkness 6/26/2015
30. New Year's Ray. 12/31/2011
31. What Can I Do His My Son 7/5/2014
32. Gossip Gossip Gossip 10/28/2011
33. Violin Is My Name 7/18/2011
34. Rose Petals 7/6/2011
35. Tizzy Ibtissam My Little Star 7/7/2011
36. My Wish And Your Promise If I Die 6/7/2011
37. Secrect 9/8/2009
38. Walk Away. 8/23/2010
39. Stand Tall. 11/15/2009
40. Remember. 8/1/2010
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أ ب ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ي My Father.

Time passed and passed
I’ll never forget the day
they called to tell me
That you have gone away

The hurt is the same
Like an open wound
There are days
I don’t utter a sound

Some days the pain is stronger
It makes me sick and weak
I can’t stand this much longer
I just sit here and weep

I have shut my private door
And let no one in
Locking myself in a box
They try, but I won’t give in

You were like a rock
Strong, faithful and true
What worth has my life
Now I don’t have you

I was not your first born
But always ...

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Prisoner's Of Love.

We were secretly loves, but forbidden to be together.
Then i asked why? ....his not from the same class girl you are not to see each other.
sad and lonely i closed my eyes walking through the meadow.
Then i heard my name.yes it was him we kissed made love we laugh and we cried? .
The reason is we are a prisoner's of love.why?
Because we were caught by our shadow! ! !
Written by Salma Torrez.

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