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Lost identity.

My dream as a child.

Time passed and passed
I’ll never forget the day
they called to tell me
That you have gone away

Man and Woman

When a woman Loves a man it's :)
A (Violin Affair) favorite music to a love song.

</>Hello did my tears and cries
Made you laugh?

It’s been a long, long time

If I had two hearts I would have used one
And left the other to be tortured by your love

But i only have one owned by affection

There love for each other is beyond imagination,
I want to dance with you for a life time
Hold you close to my heart
Stop the hands of time

Me and my dog.
There are people walking in the street
Going in the shops and looking
At all the lovely treat

God said
to a Daughter or a Son
My blessing to you is under your mothers feet.

Aaah, tell me, tell me what could this be
Could this be love that delights me

Not just any emotion

You kissed me

My head drooped low on your chest
With a feeling of shelter and infinite rest

You said you loved me i it real?
Again i ask do you feel the way i feel.
Yes thats what you say!
But why do you keep on hurting me along the way.

Do I have an answer to loss?
Do you?

The answer to loss! ! ! ! !

21st century cries.

World has advanced in many ways, yet poverty still cries.
Looking at this old man with tears in his eyes.


Hope is a dream in the mind of what can come
Hope gives you a future whatever has passed whatever done
Hope is a light that breaks through the darkness that us surround
Hope helps us find our way through to safer loving ground

I was wrong,


Donkeys symbolizes critters everywhere,
they never get to share their thoughts or know that humans care.

I want to be the wind that fills your sail.
Be the hand that lifts your veil.

Be the moon that moves your tides.

I look in your eyes, i see no lies
They speak many words and show many memories

glowing drowning me in there intensity,

Living in darknese trappd in light.
Wallking in an endless night

Struggling to hold on


Ever been around someone
and just couldn't think? ? ? ?

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Lost Identity.

Lost identity.

My dream as a child.
Became a passion in my youth.
To search for my identity.
And search for the truth.
I differentiated myself from every other mortal.
I differentiated myself for a subtle known cause.
To be the best amongst all of them.
And to prevent them not to know of my identity loss

The good that I achieved
Doesn’t seem to be no more
Or probably it wasn’t good enough
For my conscience to be sure
I was probably the most competitive
In an effort to establish my superiority
I’m still to reach that ultimate position
To re-establish my lost identity.
written by salma torrez. copyright

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Mary Amrutha 08 March 2014

when you know more about the struggles salma faced in her life as a poet and as a lady you will love her more... hats off to this lady who is blessed with the talent of poetry

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Happy Valentine's Day. Don't think about your pride don't be a fool You can't put a price on love or libel it with a rule love love love we must say Feel love. see love, touch love every single day Happy Valentine's Day. Quote Salma Torrez

How can I forget My mind is full of memories like lighting in middle of the night it wakes my heart And reminds me of my past How I can forget him his memories lives deep in my heart How can I forget written by Salma Torrez

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