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Time passed and passed
I’ll never forget the day
they called to tell me
That you have gone away

Lost Identity.

Lost identity.

My dream as a child.

Man And Woman.

Man and Woman

When a woman Loves a man it's :)
A (Violin Affair) favorite music to a love song.

Hello Did My Tears And Cries Made You Laugh?

</>Hello did my tears and cries
Made you laugh?

It’s been a long, long time

If I Had Two Hearts

If I had two hearts I would have used one
And left the other to be tortured by your love

But i only have one owned by affection

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14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day. Don't think about your pride don't be a fool You can't put a price on love or libel it with a rule love love love we must say Feel love. see love, touch love every single day Happy Valentine's Day. Quote Salma Torrez

23 February 2015

How can I forget My mind is full of memories like lighting in middle of the night it wakes my heart And reminds me of my past How I can forget him his memories lives deep in my heart How can I forget written by Salma Torrez

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Mary Amrutha 08 March 2014

when you know more about the struggles salma faced in her life as a poet and as a lady you will love her more... hats off to this lady who is blessed with the talent of poetry

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