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At a few feet distance to my feet
he stands staring into my eyes

he put me on desk
pushed one shoulder to left
pulled another to right
had a kick on jaw n lifted up


Love is told manifold
and many are fooled.

(She) Stepped into the street and

Two men I met today

He spent twenty minutes for me

recall a movie of Kurosawa
akira kurosawa’s, darsu usala

three people involved

He despised me severely
it won’t affect me either, ‘coz sublime thoughts safeguard.
You’ll see him coming morrow apologetic
Men do anything they like – so vast and free the universe.

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At a few feet distance to my feet
he stands staring into my eyes
for long time he continued staring
determined to win unfailingly
as if it used to be his end always.

I’ve been engaged the whole afternoon
watching the splendid sky
a glorious sunset with rare mixture of colours
weaving around, slowly changing and forming
profiles as in a montage painting
I was there alone
making an holiday merry
time stagnant while watching
the wonderful colourland the mirage.
at a moment I simply turned head down
to the corner where stands he, staring me
What a look! so penetrating
Gray, blue purple and white blended eyes
So attractive like pretty paperweight
I was struck on his powerful gaze
Forced me look back on him
I don’t know how long I entertained
Until the dark veil of night falls?
I was unable to
recognize any object except
the two glazing spots
only struck so much in my heart
In sleep and dream
Day and night it stares me above
Not to frighten but to befriend
my scare vanished at stars above.
a pampering palm invites me
for an eternal embrace
that feeling soothes me
and a breeze hugged at ease.

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