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Most people find beauty in looks,
But I find beauty from the written words in books.
I find beauty in the sun set and sun rise.
I find beauty in three small dog's eyes.
I Always Cry At Weddings, Never Funerals Though
The wedding ring,
Is a remarkable.
Weddings come and divorces go,
But the price of gold never goes low.
War is peace,
Let the truce begin.
Open mouths, talk rubbish at will,
It Goes On And On
You have the right to remain silent,
I have the right to talk.
You have the right to remain still,
I have the right to walk.
4 U
4 U I'd climb the biggest mountain,
4 U I'd swim the deepest sea.
4 U I'd pick the prettiest flower,
4 U I'd chop the tallest tree.
The Wrong Side Of The Bed
I woke up on the wrongside of the bed;
And found my floor covered with lead.
Which makes me fear to tread,
On my floor.
It's True, I'M A Liar
Nobody knows the real me.
I’m a false person,
With a false body and face.
With false eyes.
Is Your Name On The List?
I'm dead,
I'm six foot under.
Which is strange as I'm six foot tall,
Damn, I wish I was six years younger.
From Hell
From hell with love,
I send to those above.
I lie here next to my soul.
Down here where control,
The Man In The Iron Mask
The man in the iron mask,
Has only one thing to ask.
That you stop all the self-pity;
And end all the falsity.

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