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I like to wright. Oh im not a real poet. im only 13. but im working on a short novle. But im dislexic so its not easy.I like to wright very much. Peoms r my new life even though im struggleing for aprovle. My best frind is kylie fitzgerald go read some of her stuff ok

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Puppy Lovee 18 February 2012

i'm twelve too! hahhahha and let me just say i love ur poems! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Taylor Cross 18 July 2009

Hi im taylor im also 12 and i love poetry. i like writing like you i think were really a like.

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No One 20 August 2008

i love your poems! Keep writing!

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The Best Poem Of Samantha Guinen

Mad And Sad

We all walk like everything is fine,
But we all know we are all mad,
Mad at the world,
Mad at are friends,
Mad at the people we love,
Mad at the people we hate,
We are mad at just about everyone,
We are mad at all,
But yet we are sad for more,
We are sad for teen mothers,
We are sad for lost ones,
We are sad for people we love,
We are sad for all,
Mad Hate Killing,
Sad Sarrow Tears,

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Samantha Guinen Popularity

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