Sambidhan Acharya

Rookie (1986-12-21 / Kathmandu, Nepal)

Sambidhan Acharya Poems

1. Happy New Year To You 4/13/2006
2. Life 12/28/2005
3. She Became Idol Of Delight 5/23/2006
4. Travel 5/23/2006
5. Immortal 5/23/2006
6. The Flowers Of May 6/8/2006
7. The Reality To Understand 6/11/2006
8. The Casino 6/23/2006
9. Glimpse 6/23/2006
10. She Rules Me In Dreams 6/23/2006
11. What Would I Do Living In This World? 6/23/2006
12. They Are Westerners 3/20/2006
13. Black 3/20/2006
14. Facts 3/21/2006
15. Truimph Or Moment Of Glory 3/21/2006
16. Crisis 3/22/2006
17. The Last Kiss 3/23/2006
18. Is She A Sun? 4/7/2006
19. Museum Of Culture 4/7/2006
20. My Love 4/7/2006
21. Can I Help That Village? 4/11/2006
22. The Westerners 2 4/11/2006
23. Tricky Love 4/11/2006
24. I Want To Be Free 8/13/2006
25. I The Assasinor 8/13/2006
26. Those Bare Forests 8/13/2006
27. Life Ii 8/13/2006
28. If There Is Life Beyond Death Then.. 3/17/2006
29. We The Commons 4/11/2006
30. When I Met A Widow Mother 4/11/2006
31. Am I Dead? 4/11/2006
32. I Could Not Become A Human. 4/11/2006
33. What Shall I Call Her? 4/11/2006
34. What Should I Call Her? 5/23/2006
35. Is My Love Blind? 5/23/2006
36. You Are Like Months Of The Year 5/23/2006
37. Obituary 5/23/2006
38. Who Will Do It? 5/23/2006
39. Does War Bring Peace 3/4/2006
40. Tears 3/4/2006
Best Poem of Sambidhan Acharya

What Those Marriage Worth, I Am Already Yours

What those marriage worth, I am already yours
We have marriage by heart not by rituals.
Our marriage is pious then those done by priests
And those other who are eyeing are big fool

Those who tell that I have no right on you
Don’t know that we are lovers by heart
Our children have already started to play
Not those physical children but our love has passed third anniversary.

Is physical marriage bigger then natural?
Even god believes in original heart marriage
Who dare to discard my say can anyone tells me?
If not then why dismay in her physical ...

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The Flowers Of May

How dare the bee touch you?
How dare the air make you shake?
How can anyone pluck you?
And make you cry through droplets.
I fight all the month for them, who touch, pluck and shake you,
The different colours you possess is greater than any rainbow,
Your fragrance is billions time sweeter than the perfume of Arabia,
Even the ambrosia cannot be sweeter than the droplets of water from your petal.
Rose, Lily, Jasmine, Lotus all are so darling name,

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