Samuel Taylor Coleridge

[Samuel Coleridge] (1772-1834 / Devon / England)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poems

41. Sonnet Viii. To Mercy 3/31/2010
42. The Pang More Sharp Than All. An Allegory 3/31/2010
43. Hymn Before Sun-Rise, In The Vale Of Chamouni 1/1/2004
44. To A Young Lady, With A Poem On The French Revolution 3/31/2010
45. Sonnet Xx. 3/31/2010
46. The Keepsake 3/31/2010
47. Sonnet Xv. To Schiller 3/31/2010
48. Lines Suggested By The Last Words Of Berengarius. Ob. Anno Dom. 1088 3/31/2010
49. Sonnet Xvii. Composed On A Journey Homeward; The Author Having Received Intelligence Of The Birth Of A Son 3/31/2010
50. To C. Lloyd, On His Proposing To Domesticate With The Author 3/31/2010
51. To An Unfortunate Woman At The Theatre 3/31/2010
52. To An Infant 3/31/2010
53. The Happy Husband 3/31/2010
54. The Destiny Of Nations. A Vision. 3/31/2010
55. Phantom Or Fact? A Dialogue In Verse 3/31/2010
56. The Three Graves. A Fragment Of A Sexton's Tale 3/31/2010
57. On An Infant Which Died Before Baptism 3/31/2010
58. Sonnet V. 3/31/2010
59. Fancy In Nubibus, Or The Poet In The Clouds 3/31/2010
60. Lines Written In The Album At Elbingerode, In The Hartz Forest 3/31/2010
61. On Revisiting The Sea-Shore, After Long Absence, Under Strong Medical Recommendation Not To Bathe 3/31/2010
62. Fire, Famine, And Slaughter : A War Eclogue 3/31/2010
63. The Night-Scene : A Dramatic Fragment. 3/31/2010
64. To A Young Lady. On Her Recovery From A Fever 3/31/2010
65. Lines Written After A Walk Before Supper 3/31/2010
66. Melancholy. A Fragment. 3/31/2010
67. Forbearance 3/31/2010
68. The Complaint Of Ninathoma 3/31/2010
69. The Foster Mother's Tale. A Dramatic Fragment 3/31/2010
70. Sonnet Vii. To Burke 3/31/2010
71. Lines On Observing A Blossom On The First Of February, 1796 3/31/2010
72. The Improvisatore 5/14/2001
73. The Blossing Of The Solitary Date-Tree 5/14/2001
74. Elegy, Imitated From One Of Akenside's Blank-Verse Inscriptions 3/31/2010
75. To Sara 3/31/2010
76. The Ballad Of The Dark Ladie. A Fragment. 3/31/2010
77. The Sigh 3/31/2010
78. When Hope But Made Tranquillity Be Felt (Fragment) 1/1/2004
79. Ode To Tranquillity 3/31/2010
80. Ode To The Departing Year 3/31/2010

Comments about Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • Basamma kannal (10/18/2019 9:16:00 AM)

    Kubla khana poem is a dream poem of Coleridge

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  • lolgay (12/1/2018 6:58:00 AM)

    pretty depressed lets be real

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  • Stephanie carlson (2/27/2018 12:42:00 PM)

    His life sounded miserable, sad, and very difficult

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  • Ling Poon (11/15/2013 9:41:00 AM)

    his life was miserable

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Best Poem of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner


Facile credo, plures esse Naturas invisibiles quam visibiles in rerum
universitate. Sed horum omnium familiam quis nobis enarrabit ? et gradus et
cognationes et discrimina et singulorum munera ? Quid agunt ? quae loca
habitant ? Harum rerum notitiam semper ambivit ingenium humanum, nunquam
attigit. Juvat, interea, non diffiteor, quandoque in animo, tanquam in
tabulâ, majoris et melioris mundi imaginem contemplari : ne mens assuefacta
hodiernae vitae minutiis se contrahat nimis, et tota subsidat in pusillas
cogitationes. Sed veritati interea ...

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France: An Ode

O Liberty ! with profitless endeavour
Have I pursued thee, many a weary hour ;
But thou nor swell'st the victor's strain, nor ever
Didst breathe thy soul in forms of human power.
Alike from all, howe'er they praise thee,
(Nor prayer, nor boastful name delays thee)
[Image]Alike from Priestcraft's harpy minions,