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My Limericks - 1

শুনতে পেলাম পাটনা গিয়ে
সর্ষে বেটে বাটনা দিয়ে
লঙ্কা কাঁচা দিয়ে তাতে
সুতোয় বেঁধে কলার পাতে
ইলিশ খাবে গরম ভাতে, কোন রকম চাট না নিয়ে।

(I heard in a place called Patna - that you should eat Hilsa fish along with hot rice without any sauce or pickles, after cooking it with mustard and green chilly kept inside banana leaf tied with thread.)

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Thou Art That

You are infinite in time and space,
You have no body, you have no face.
You are unbound,
You are the light, you are the sound.

You are our source, you are our sink,
You are our abode - where we eat and drink.
You are the one - there is no second.
You have no beginning - you have no end.