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Love it sees
Love it hears
Love it feels
For those in tears

You might miss him in his quietness

Not seeking power or fame

deep stillness quiet power
core of strength in darkest hour

solemn heart and far apart

As every flower opens
Sweetest fragrance to release
So is my love for you
Beauteous gift of peace

Step with patience into life
As life will not be hurried
Let haste dissolve
Lest its waves thwart the coming

Do you know how much I love you?
Can you imagine how I adore you?
Look at the sky and feel its height
Think of the mountains and feel their might

The day of celebration's here
Guests await, hearts full of cheer
To witness joining of two hearts
That choose ne'er more to be apart

Do I struggle or thrive
In this fight to survive
Above or below
Is all that I know

My love is far and out of sight
As I sit and contemplate this night
Of all the forces strong and weak
That thwart our love e’en as we speak

Deep thought
Heart engaged

In land of pyramids and sand
Beloved lies ‘neath surgeons hand
Surrendered to the Grace above
While all around him wait with love

There are no words for the misery that has befallen me

There is so solace for the loss I most fear

I look at you
Into your eyes that once were full of life
I look at you
Into your heart that used to shine so bright

Waves of high stress reaching far and so wide
Turbulent times around and inside
Each person a channel the waves of stress touch
Responds with new eddies that propagate much

Sandra Hillawi Biography

Born in Manchester on 27 October 1963 Sandra Hillawi published her first book The Love Clinic in 2008 following several years practicing and teaching in the field of energy healing, specialising in love and relationships. Sandra's songs and poems are inspired by events in her own life and relationships.)

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Love Is

Love it sees
Love it hears
Love it feels
For those in tears

Love accepts
Love it knows
Love releases
Love it flows

Love is open
Love is strong
Love’s courageous
With patience long

Love is lightness
Love is pure
Love is beauty
Love endures

Love’s compassion
Love is kind
Love’s forgiving
When life is blind

Love it dances
Love has wings
Love it soars
Love it sings

Love is tender
Love is sweet
Love with time
Becomes love deep

Love is constant
Love transcends
Love is oneness
Love never ends

(Gosport 27 March 2011)

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Sandra Hillawi Popularity

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