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sanja sarinda Poems

1. Don'T Tell Me 4/24/2006
2. Take Me 4/24/2006
3. Hurricane Inside Me 4/24/2006
4. What Am I For You? 4/24/2006
5. Sad Eyes 5/12/2006
6. No! 5/12/2006
7. Wish 5/12/2006
8. Sanja 5/12/2006
9. Wounded Child 5/12/2006
10. Unicorn And Fairie 5/29/2006
11. Losted Souls 5/29/2006
12. Eyes 5/29/2006
13. Fenix-Dove 5/29/2006
14. The First Swansong 5/12/2006
15. Blac Waves 4/24/2006
16. Desire 4/24/2006
17. Dove's Fight 5/12/2006
18. Come My Man 4/24/2006
Best Poem of sanja sarinda

Come My Man

Come my Man,
come into me
gently, harsh, push, hold my hips
and push, push, deep, deeper, more
make me shout
scream, moaning,
for passion waves which goes over me
again and again
hold me tight,
make me scream and cry
for passion, desire.
Let me feel your weight onto me,
give me feelin safety
under you i find my passion,
with no limits to restrictive this feeling of mine
so my Man hold me tight,
make me scream and shout
express this delight.

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Take Me

Take me, tie me
into your bed,
table, sofa, chair,
against the wall,
use me,
take me again and again
from back
in front
Take me gently, tender.
Take me hard, harshly.
Take me.
Never let me go.

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