Saqib Hussain

Saqib Hussain Poems

1. Where Is He 4/14/2012
2. Crazy Horse 4/14/2012
3. Anger 5/5/2012
4. A Rose 5/5/2012
5. Don'T Suffer In Silence 5/27/2012
6. Why Do We Spread Sickness? 8/16/2012
7. Garments Of Love 4/14/2012
Best Poem of Saqib Hussain

Garments Of Love

Love in marriage:

Contemplating on the nature of love
How couples join together in such joy
Staying faithful to each other like doves
Such bliss does true companionship enjoy!

Giving protection, warmth, with devotion
Each one is a garment for the other
Sewn with threads of the purest emotions
The best clothing, no need for another

But does not all clothing grow old with time?
And as it does, does it not lose appeal?
Or does true love always have that shine
And power to strengthen, support and heal?

True love is sprinkled with ...

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