Saqib Hussain

Crazy Horse - Poem by Saqib Hussain

With strength, agility, youth
A zest for life, twinkle in the eye
Joy in each leg, spring in each hoof
Crazy horse's chest fills with pride

Out with opportunity on a vast open plain
This plain we call the world
This opportunity we call life
Crazy horse has no real aim
So stays ineffective
Like a broken compass
A blunt knife

Galloping with all his strength
Because he is strong and he can
He manages to traverse great lengths
But can't remember what was the original plan

Sometimes in storms the thunder claps
Then how his heart fills with fear
And as if seeing his straying path
How the rain falls like tears

Sometimes in panic he darts this way and that
Scared he still doesn't know where he aims to go
When tired, worn, on the vast plains he is sat
Noticing he is beginning to tire, legs beginning to slow

How it all seemed to have started so well
Full of energy and desperate to explore
But he had never acted on the beliefs he held
And had distracted himself from the questions why and what for

Now lying here with his life slowly ebbing away
In the distance, pride of youth and strength filling their chests
Other crazy horse's gallop fearlessly, come what may
That same passion, pride and zest

He calls to them to contemplate, not self destruct so fast
Yes to gallop bravely but have an aim
And live each day as if it is the last
Not as if they will live forever, which each day the same

But they barely look at him
And in rude arrogance snort
And crazy horse's heart bleeds
As he passes away

Look where he started
And to where he is brought
And how he never had an aim
Never found the way

Saqib Hussain[Taken from my book 'Contemplate', available from Amazon]

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 14, 2012

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