Sara Javed

Freshman - 674 Points [Sara] (10th December,2015 / Lahore, Pakistan)

Sara Javed Poems

1. Forgiven And Forgotten 6/27/2015
2. Moonlit Paths 8/4/2015
3. A Light In My Life 8/8/2015
4. The Bright Ocean 8/15/2015
5. Sometimes When It Rains 9/8/2015
6. What Am I? 9/18/2015
7. The First Sunrise Of New Year 12/21/2015
8. Deadly Mirages 4/11/2016
9. River 4/11/2016
10. Insanity 7/13/2016
11. Nightmare 12/21/2015
12. Stinging Nettles 9/13/2015
13. The Dreamer 7/5/2015
14. Your Eyes 3/22/2016
15. Who Was The Girl 8/9/2015
16. Persuade Me To Die 8/7/2015
17. When The Reaper Wails 6/26/2015

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Best Poem of Sara Javed

When The Reaper Wails

When the reaper wails, the soul cries out,
It screams and shouts inside the body,
''Thine last place has arrived, thou shalt not survive! '' he screams,
The soul, it hugs the body, utterly distressed,

''Nay, thou cannot survive the reaper's curse, when he wails, '' the cold voice booms,
Like a knife scraping against a rock,
The fire burns out, and darkness engulfs the human.

The reaper, he touches the soul with a bony finger,
The soul gives a last deep wail,
And fathoms into nothingness,
The reaper removes his veil

There is nothing. Just ...

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Forgiven And Forgotten

Humans are like that-filled with hatred, spite and jealousy,
Molded creatures that would neither love nor let anyone rest in peace,
They would neither forgive, nor forget in their lives or after that,
They would never care- they would never see,
Mist has clouded their eyes, a cloak of darkness bestowed upon their souls,
But I would be different-not like them.
I would forgive and forget,
Tear away that cloak; make the mist fade away,
'Tis true I have been shattered and battered,

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