Sara Teasdale

(August 8, 1884 – January 29, 1933 / Missouri / United States)

Sara Teasdale Poems

1. To Eleonora Duse Ii 4/6/2010
2. To Eleonora Duse In 4/6/2010
3. To L. R. E. 4/6/2010
4. To A Picture Of Eleanor Duse 4/6/2010
5. To Sappho Ii 4/6/2010
6. To A Picture Of Eleonora Duse In 4/6/2010
7. To A Picture Of Eleonora Duse In 4/6/2010
8. To Eleonora Duse I 4/6/2010
9. The Wind In The Hemlock 4/6/2010
10. To A Picture Of Eleonora Duse With The Greek Fire, In 4/6/2010
11. To A Picture Of Eleonora Duse As 4/6/2010
12. To Sappho I 4/6/2010
13. The Silent Battle 4/6/2010
14. The Wine 4/6/2010
15. The Sanctuary 4/6/2010
16. White Fog 6/29/2015
17. Evening: New York 12/22/2015
18. The Voice 4/6/2010
19. The Tree 4/6/2010
20. To Joy 4/6/2010
21. The Falling Star 6/23/2015
22. On A March Day 12/4/2015
23. Triolets 4/6/2010
24. The Unseen 4/6/2010
25. The Treasure 4/6/2010
26. The Unchanging 4/6/2010
27. The Storm 4/6/2010
28. To Erinna 1/3/2003
29. In David's 4/6/2010
30. To An Aeolian Harp 1/3/2003
31. To Cleïs 1/3/2003
32. Redbirds 4/6/2010
33. To Rose 1/3/2003
34. To A Castillan Song 1/3/2003
35. The Song For Colin 1/3/2003
36. To E. 1/3/2003
37. In Spring, Santa Barbara 4/6/2010
38. Sappho Ii 4/6/2010
39. Eight O’clock 4/6/2010
40. To One Away 1/3/2003

Comments about Sara Teasdale

  • mary n. (9/5/2018 5:15:00 PM)

    what is one on her most famous poems

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  • Ms. I, English Teacher (7/5/2018 2:36:00 PM)

    One of my students used this source for a project. I had to mark her down drastically due to the inaccuracy and biased interpretation of Sara Teasdale's life. There is a multitude of examples in which this biography crosses the line from objective into subjective. Never have I read such a poorly-educated interpretation of Sara Teasdale's life. I'm incredibly disappointed. If only my student had checked her sources...

  • student (5/3/2018 4:18:00 AM)

    this woman sucks a lot

  • emmas friend (5/3/2018 4:16:00 AM)

    my friend needs help pls help her with this poet :)

  • emma and a fifth character (5/3/2018 4:15:00 AM)

    like for the people that acctually like this poet, have you ever tried analysing and writing an assignment about one of her poems?
    it's hard.

  • kelsey (4/30/2018 9:11:00 PM)

    okay :) thanks for everything ig

  • Jeremy Johnson (4/9/2018 12:19:00 PM)

    She did not commit suicide. Coroner reports it was an accident after conducting an autopsy. Wikipedia also has its facts wrong. See the archived NY Times column in the link below.

    https: //

  • Tide pods (3/21/2018 9:47:00 AM)

    This lady sucks. I’m only doing this for a language arts assignment.

  • your name (3/19/2018 11:58:00 AM)


  • your name (3/19/2018 11:57:00 AM)

    these peoms suck. the only reason i'm reading them is for a class

Best Poem of Sara Teasdale

Advice To A Girl

No one worth possessing
Can be quite possessed;
Lay that on your heart,
My young angry dear;
This truth, this hard and precious stone,
Lay it on your hot cheek,
Let it hide your tear.
Hold it like a crystal
When you are alone
And gaze in the depths of the icy stone.
Long, look long and you will be blessed:
No one worth possessing
Can be quite possessed.

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I am the still rain falling,
Too tired for singing mirth--
Oh, be the green fields calling,
Oh, be for me the earth!

I am the brown bird pining
To leave the nest and fly--
Oh, be the fresh cloud shining,
Oh, be for me the sky!

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