A Ballad Of The Two Knights Poem by Sara Teasdale

A Ballad Of The Two Knights

Rating: 3.6

Two knights rode forth at early dawn
A-seeking maids to wed,
Said one, "My lady must be fair,
With gold hair on her head."

Then spake the other knight-at-arms:
"I care not for her face,
But she I love must be a dove
For purity and grace."

And each knight blew upon his horn
And went his separate way,
And each knight found a lady-love
Before the fall of day.

But she was brown who should have had
The shining yellow hair --
I ween the knights forgot their words
Or else they ceased to care.

For he who wanted purity
Brought home a wanton wild,
And when each saw the other knight
I ween that each knight smiled.

Uriah Hamilton 09 August 2005

Better the lady you're with than the one you imagine.

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Ben Gieske 31 March 2007

I love reading historical novels during those periods of knights and castles and kings. I enjoyed your rendition of a scene from those times. Ben

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each one should smile without knowing the faults of each oehter.... good one n deserved well....10

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YOUR NAN 17 May 2018


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joinj 14 October 2020

yes I do too

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Dr Antony Theodore 02 March 2020

Two knights rode forth at early dawn A-seeking maids to wed, Said one, " My lady must be fair, With gold hair on her head." Expectations for a future life together. very good poem. tony

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Savita Tyagi 02 March 2020

A great story. Yes what we want and what we get are two different things. good that those kinghts knew how to adjust. A quality so often downplayed and overlooked nowadays.

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Mahtab Bangalee 02 March 2020

beautiful ballad for the two knights on their desire of love////

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Adeeb Alfateh 02 March 2020

such a great lovely poem.......great 10++++

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 March 2020

A Ballad of Two Knights’ by Sara Teasdale is a five stanza ballad poem that tells the st. CONGRATULATIONS to her family and God's Blessings! A TOP Score of 10 for this beautiful poem full of introvert humor, but constantly of amusing quality. Teasdale caught chronic pneumonia and it weakened her not only in body but also in mind and spirit. No longer able to see the beauty in simple things, Teasdale committed suicide at age 48 in New York,

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